Call out made to Occupy Australia: People of the world rise up on October 15th!

As the Occupy Wall St protests continue to spread, a call out has been made for Melbourne, Brisbane , Perth, Adelaide and both a rally and occupation in Sydney to join the global day of action United for Global Change on October 15th. Regional centres are now joining with events announced in Townsville, Cairns and Bryon Bay. Occupy Melbourne has stated the aim of "NON-VIOLENTLY sending a message to the financial sector worldwide. Australia too is under the same bind of freedom because of monetary policy and corporate greed. Show your support for Occupy Wall Street! Occupy Australia!!!" The day is an attempt to unite the struggle by ordinary people around the world for a true democracy. A democracy where the needs of the majority of people is put before the profits and privileges of the few. A world united under the banner of solidarity, workers and human rights, peace and environmental justice. It is time for Australia to join the global movement that has seen non-violent mass protests and uprising against both military dictators and the dictators of capital in Greece, Yemen, Chile, Egypt, Tunisia, Israel, USA, Spain, Portugal, Libya, Syria, Bahrain, the UK and beyond. It’s time for us to unite. It’s time for them to listen.
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Occupy Wall St! The American revolution declared.

Inspired by the Arab Spring, protestors declaring the start of the “American Revolution” held a USA Day of Rage on September 17th. The call to Occupy Wall St had first been made by the group Adbusters in July this year, backed by others such as Anonymous and culminated in a march by 5000 on September 17th. The aims of the movement is to reclaim U.S. democracy from the corporate interests that have captured it and to fight back against the attacks on ordinary people being made in the U.S.