Melbourne Rally - SAVE OUR MEDICARE!

Date and Time: 
Friday, May 30, 2014 -
5:30pm to 7:00pm
State Library


It's time to hit the streets and show our opposition to Abbott and Hockey's attacks to Medicare!

Come and rally with nurses, doctors, healthcare workers and generally concerned and angry citizens on Friday 30 May, and help us save Medicare.

In the latest budget, the Liberal Party have proposed a raft of measures that will push Australia's healthcare system closer to the cruel American model, including the $7 GP fee, which will essentially end universal healthcare in this country.

Abbott and Hockey want to:

• Introduce a $7 GP fee and a hospital Emergency fee
• Increase the cost of pharmaceuticals for everyone, including healthcare card holders and pensioners
• Cut billions of dollars in hospital funding to the states over the next decade
• Increase out of pocket fees for radiology and pathology services

**** WE CAN STOP THIS! ****

The Liberal Party are far from popular at the moment. We have a good chance of being able to force them into backing down on this. So let's rally!

Hands Off Medicare!


* Dr Tim Woodruff - Doctor Reform Society

(More to be announced)

The rally has been called by Naomi Farmer, National Union of Students National Queer Officer and Sarah Garnham, National Union of Students National Education Officer.

*****ENDORSED BY*****

- The Doctors Reform Society
- The National Union of Workers
- National Union of Students - National Education Officer, Sarah Garnham
- National Union Of Students - National Queer Officer, Naomi Farmer
- The Australian Mental Health Human Rights and Law Reform Coalition
- Socialist Alternative
- Red Flag Newspaper
- Socialist Alliance