Forest Rescue activists board Japanese whaling ship in solidarity with Sea Shepherd

In the early hours of Sunday, January 8, three forest rescue activists boarded the Japanese whaling fleet security vessel Shonan Maru No 2 off Bunbury, Western Australia as an act of solidarity with Sea Shepherd in their campaign to stop Japanese commercial whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. While in the Antarctic Sea Shepherd activists from the Bob Barker continue to pursue and harass the main whaling fleet.

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Three Australian prisoners detained on a Japanese whaler in Australian waters

Sea Shepherd Press Release Jan 7th 2012 Early this morning The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society assisted Forest Rescue Australia in a complex and daring move to board the Shonan Maru #2 in waters off Bunbury, Western Australia

Sea Shepherd intercepts Japanese whaling fleet using drone on Christmas day

Sea Shepherd celebrates a christmas for the whales having located the whaling fleet on Christmas eve and intercepted the fleet on Christmas day before a single whale has been killed this season.


Japanese whaling uneconomic but a matter of honor and pride

Media reports from Japan this week highlight that the Japanese Fisheries Agency is likely to send the whaling fleet to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary near Antarctica later this year. A US$27 million boost to security for the whaling fleet is likely, despite the country still reeling from it's triple disaster of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown. The injection of more Government money into the program is likely to be controversial locally when many people are still homeless as a result of the disasters and when many rebuilding programs still require funding.

The end of commercial whaling in the Southern Ocean?

"The whale war in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary is over. The whales have won!" announced Captain Paul Watson from the Sea Shepherd vessel Steve Irwin on Saturday.

The Nisshin Maru whaling factory ship late last week made a pivotal course change north, as the Japanese Fisheries Agency announced that the whaling fleet had been recalled for this season.


Whaling factory ship found by Sea Shepherd activists in the Ross Sea

This has been a disasterous year for the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has fielded 3 ships taking out of action two harpoon vessels while the Nisshin Maru fled accompanied by one harpoon ship. Now the Nisshin Maru has been found in the Ross Sea.

Wikileaks: Garrett stood his ground on whaling compromise, Sea Shepherd tax status targeted

Cables released by wikileaks on January 1st, 2011 reveal Japan was pressuring the US Government to remove Sea Shepherd's tax exemption status as a sweetener to negotiating a compromise deal in the International Whaling Commission that would have reduced whale quotas but legitimated commercial whaling. The US Government and Japan were deeply involved in a compromise deal on whaling which would legitimate a commercial catch quota for Japan. Australia remained steadfast against any moves to legitimate whaling in the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary or Australian Antarctic Territory.

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Sea Shepherd locates whaling fleet before the slaughter

For the first time in seven years of campaigning in the southern ocean Sea Shepherd have been able to locate 2 harpoon vessels in the whaling fleet before whaling was able to begin.

The Sea Shepherd vessels Bob Barker located on New Year's Eve 2010 an unidentified harpoon vessel on the edge of the Antarctic ice at 148 degrees west. Shortly after the Sea Shepherd flagship, the Steve Irwin, found the Japanese harpoon vessel Yushin Maru #2 sitting in the ice some 60 miles to the north.

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Wikileaks: Garrett stood his ground on whaling compromise; Sea Shepherd tax status targeted


Sherbrooke voice at anti-whaling rally

On Friday the 5th November, around 200 people made their presence known and their voices heard on the steps of Parliament against the continued slaughter of whales and other marine mammals. Among those voicing their protest were students from Sherbrooke Community School, ranging from primary years to Year 12. Sherbrooke students are so enthusiastic about the environment and social justice and attend public rallies often.


Tokyo Two trial verdict announced

A Japanese court today delivered its verdict in the trial of our two anti-whaling activists, Junichi Sato and Toru Suzuki. The 'Tokyo Two' activists have been handed an unjust sentence for uncovering widespread corruption in Japan's Southern Ocean whaling programme industry. Instead of the industry being investigated, the activists have been punished with a one-year jail term, suspended for three years.