Warren Mundine's nuclear allegiances

Warren Mundine, a member and former National President of the ALP, and co-convener of the Australian Uranium Association's Indigenous Dialogue Group, has been promoting the nuclear industry recently. Unfortunately he turns a blind eye to the industry's crude racism, a problem that ought to be core business for the Indigenous Dialogue Group.


Film Festival about Uranium and Nuclear Energy invites to Rio de Janeiro

Film Festival about Nuclear Energy invites to Rio de Janeiro

2nd INTERNATIONAL URANIUM FILM FESTIVAL - from June 28th to July 14th, 2012, Rio de Janeiro, MAM

By Marcia Gomes

A few days after the Earth Summit (Rio plus 20) the 2nd INTERNATIONAL
URANIUM FILM FESTIVAL of Rio de Janeiro invites to the Cinema of the Museum
of Modern Art (MAM). The Uranium Film Festival has selected 40 films about
nuclear power, uranium mining, depleted uranium weapons and nuclear

Protest at BHP Billiton AGM, Melbourne, 17 November 2011

Traditional owners and environmentalists descended on the Melbourne Convention Centre on Thursday 17 November for the BHP Billiton AGM. Using proxies, some twenty Aboriginal elders and supporters gained access to the meeting, while others held a protest outside.


March on BHP Billiton - 20 October 2011 - on Day 6 of Occupy Melbourne

On Day 6 of Occupy Melbourne, a number of protesters joined an action by Friends of the Earth ACE collective at the Melbourne Office of BHP Billiton, timed to coincide with the company's London AGM.

Having marched up Swanston Street to chants of ‘BHP BP Shell/ You can all/Go to hell’ and ‘System Change not Climate Change’, and escorted by about ten uniformed police - with at least one not-very-undercover plain clothes officer - protesters arrived at the headquarters to find it protected by even more.


BHP gets approval for world's largest open pit mine at Olympic Dam

BHP Billiton Olympic Dam mine expansion in South Australia has received a go ahead from Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke on 10th October 2011. This will create the world's largest open pit mine, over 1km deep, 4.5km long and 3km wide. The export of uranium is expected to increase from an average of 4,000 tonnes per year to 19,000 tonnes per year, and the production of copper, gold and silver also expected to increase. Olympic Dam already consumes an inordinate amount of ground water extracted from the Great Artesian Basin every day - for free. The mine expansion will entail BHP Billiton expanding groundwater extraction and building a 280 megalitres-a-day desalination plant at Point Lowly, northeast of Whyalla on Spencer's Gulf which will impact the only known breeding ground of the giant Australian cuttlefish, prawn fisheries and the sensitive marine environment.

Save Point Lowly | Save the Great Artesian Basin |
Events: National Day of Action against BHP Billiton - Thursday, October 20 - Melbourne Facebook page or Adelaide Facebook page | BHP Billitons Annual General Meeting at the Melbourne convention centre on November the 17th at 10:30am.


VIictims of war - Iraqi children and families - Depleted uranium and trauma

Riyadh describes, "The years of sanctions have deeply affected Iraqi society and people have learned to survive individually and have lost the sense of community and caring for others."

"As a result of the 1991 Gulf War the province of Al Muthanna is littered with thousands of unexploded landmines and missiles." "There are many heartbreaking of disabled children in Iraq."


Yvonne Margarula continues the Mirrar people's fight against uraninum mining in Kakadu

Yvonne Margarula continues the fight of the Mirrar people against Uranium mining on their land and within the boundaries of Kakadu National Park by calling on the Federal Government to block the expansion of the Ranger Uranium Mine. According to the ABC Online Yvonne is quoted as saying "We are worrying about what might happen, poison water". Referrig to the tailings dam she said "The water getting bigger, it's going downstream," adding ""The mining company - they wouldn't listen to us,".