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WGAR News: 'Systemic Racism' Of WA Remote Community Closures Savaged At United Nations: Amy McQuire, New Matilda

Newsletter date: 24 April 2015


* News Analysis: Amy McQuire, New Matilda: 'Systemic Racism' Of WA Remote Community Closures Savaged At United Nations
* News Analysis: Kimberley Land Council: KLC condemns community closures at United Nations
* News Analysis: Calla Wahlquist, The Guardian: UN forum backs fight against closure of remote Aboriginal communities in WA

Bindi Irwin stars in controversial indy activist film!

Some in the mainstream media have begun sharpening their knives ahead of the release of, Surviving Earth featuring Bindi Irwin (daughter of the late Steve Irwin - crocodile hunter) as the voice of youth among a scholarly cast including, Prof. Tim Flannery, Ian Dunlop, Prof. Ian Lowe and Uncle Bob Randall. Directed by Peter Charles Downey and made in Melbourne, Australia by United Natures Media and Peter Erb Media the independent movie style documentary brings environmental and humanitarian activism to mainstream.

WGAR News: Charter of the United Nations does not apply to Australia, claims Qld lawyer in Euahlayi 'rates case': SU

Newsletter date: 13 May 2014


* Sovereign Union: Charter of the United Nations does not apply to Australia, claims Qld lawyer in Euahlayi 'rates case'

* Callum Clayton-Dixon, The Stringer: Treaties Are Agreements Between Equals
* Background to Treaties with Aboriginal Sovereign Nations of Australia

* Ray Jackson, Sovereign Union: ANZAC day: Black Diggers buck the given history of "white men's business"
* Annie Hastwell, The Wire: Tasmania's forgotten Black War [Featuring Dr Nicholas Clements]

Rael supports China’s call for a de-Americanized world

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 16 – After China’s official news agency called for a “de-Americanized world,” and referred to the United States as “a hypocritical nation with a dysfunctional government,” Rael, leader of the International Raelian Movement (IRM), issued his support for China’s position in a statement released today by the IRM.

“I totally support de-Americanization,” he said. “China should lead ex-victims of Euro-American colonialism and imperialism in this movement. It should create an alliance that includes all past victims.”


Ausfailia: Aus-fail-ia ...abstained on UN vote for Palestine

By Douglas Chalmers...

Nothing can excuse Australia, a white supremacist settler society fantasy-land just like the fake state of Israel, which did NOT have the decency to vote FOR the rights of PALESTINIANS, uhh... that is the way of a fading Anglo colony living in the past and hanging onto the USA's coat-tails....

The Judge is wrong - Tell it to Malala, to Soraya, to the many dead and tortured

Judge Stephen Scott during sentencing of an Iranian-Australian (to 14 years) for his role in assisting Asylum Seekers to our shores (others mistakenly ill-define this as 'people-smuggling') said that there were greater risks for Asylum Seekers fleeing by boat than there are in if they remained in the country they were fleeing from.

The sentenced man was jailed for his part in several voyages in assisting people to Asylum, one which tragically ended in the 2010 Christmas Island disaster where thereabouts 50 people drowned.


"Pay the Rent" - say Nyoongars - "Stronger Futures can go straight to hell"

Gerry Georgatos
With the Stronger Futures debacle in the Australian Senate the following could not be more timely. Nyoongar rights advocate and CEO of Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation, Robert Eggington has gathered together with several prominent Nyoongars, and a large number of the Nyoongar community, to announce their own Native Title proposals for the state government to consider.