Tim Soutphommasane

WGAR News: Commission of Audit: Aboriginal health would suffer: NACCHO political alert

Newsletter date: 4 May 2014


* NACCHO political alert: Commission of Audit: Aboriginal health would suffer
* NACCHO breaking news: Federal government Commission of Audit Indigenous programmes

* Tim Soutphommasane, Australian Human Rights Commission: No case for changing race laws, says Race Discrimination Commissioner
* Australian Human Rights Commission: Racial Discrimination: Commission responds to Exposure Draft
* Chris Slee, Green Left: Meeting discusses Racial Discrimination Act changes
* Delia Lawrie, Territory Labor: Territory Law Plan to Tackle Racism

WGAR News: Repealing the race hate laws isn't 'freedom' to Indigenous people: Siv Parker, The Guardian

Newsletter date: 31 March 2014


* Siv Parker, The Guardian: Repealing the race hate laws isn't 'freedom' to Indigenous people
* ABC News: Warren Mundine maintains criticism of Coalition's proposed changes to Racial Discrimination Act
* Professor Gillian Triggs, President, Australian Human Rights Commission: Proposed changes to the Race Discrimination Act: Bad cases make bad law
* Tim Soutphommasane, Canberra Times: Are we to favour bigotry over the right to live unaffected by it?


WGAR News: Warren Mundine: The white sheep of the family?: Gary Foley, Tracker

Newsletter date: 19 September 2013


* Gary Foley, Tracker: Warren Mundine: The white sheep of the family?
* Sovereign Union: Warren Mundine's new military intervention into Aboriginal Australia
* AudioBoo: Audio: Warren Mundine 'Military Intervention' - SBS - The Observer Effect

* AudioBoo: Noel Pearson rejected by Cape York councils - Aurukun Mayor, Dereck Walpo

* Greens Senator Rachel Siewert: Lack of a Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health a disappointment
* NACCHO political alert: Abbott abolishes Indigenous health ministry