CSG drilling rig workers in Queensland exposed to radiation by Schlumberger

On Friday 28 February, four Weatherford drilling rig workers at a QGC coal seam gas (CSG) well site near Tara in Queensland were exposed to as yet undisclosed levels of radiation. They handled a radioactive equipment component left at the site by workers from another oil and gas services company, Schlumberger. The radiation source was not shielded and labeled as required by regulation.(1)


More arrests at Tara gas pipeline blockade

There were more arrests on the 11th April at the Tara blockade of the Queensland Gas Company's construction of pipelines through private land as the campaign against the expansion of the coal stream gas industry continues.

On the 11th of April Steve Irwin's father, Bob Irwin was arrested along with two other demonstrators after refusing to stop blocking a road.

Channel Ten news coverage on Youtube of arrests