Talisman Sabre

Peace Convergence convener in Court in Rockhampton

Media Release July 27 2011 Graeme Dunstan (68), Convener of Peace Convergence 2011, will be in Rockhampton Magistrates Court Friday 29 July. He will be facing charges arising from his role in assisting Bryan Law in his ploughsharing of the brand new $36 million Australian Army Tiger helicopter at Rockhampton airbase on 21 July. The charges, include two counts of wilful damage, one of unauthorised entry, and one of possession of tainted property, namely a digital camera.


Nonviolence Activist Disarms Helicopter in Rockhampton

Bryan Law is currently in police custody after using a garden mattock to smash a military helicopter in Rockhampton Airport during the Talisman Saber US/Australian wargames.

Bryan caused a stir in Rockhampton by announcing his intention to disarm a military helicopter to the Rockhampton Airport, Defence Dept and QLD Police many months prior to the Talisman Saber military exercises.

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Talisman Sabre Peace Pilgrimage walkers arrested

Media Release 20th July 2011 Margaret Pestorius, Andy Paine and Robert Jones, the Three Jaegerstaetter Amigos, who trespassed into the Shoalwater Training Facility intent on hindering and disrupting the Talisman Sabre Exercise have been arrested and transferred to the Rockhampton Watchhouse.

After three days the trio had themselves arrested by blockading military transport within the Training Area.


Brisbane Peace Protestor to face Rockhampton court - media release

Media Release, Monday July 18, 2011

Brisbane peace activist Bernie Pat Maloney will appear in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court today (Monday July 18) after being arrested for peacefully blockading the Rockhampton military barracks on Saturday (July 16).

Mr. Maloney was taking part in a weekend of action against Talisman Sabre, the US-AUS military exercises being conducted this month in the region.


Brisbane Food Not Bombs Kitchen vs Talisman Sabre 2011

Food not Bombs kitchen, Brisbane Square, Brisbane CBD, 1pm on Saturday the 16th of July- to voice our opposition to the Talisman-Sabre War Games, 2011.

These military ‘games’ are costing the Australian taxpayer over $100 million.
Who decided that? Not the Australian people.

The games are being held in various locations across Australia including in Shoalwater Bay, part of the Great Barrier Reef region; threatening the areas’ ecology and the existence of more than 25 endangered species.


Peace activist arrested trying to attend Talisman Sabre Ball in Rockhampton

As part of a campaign to challenge Rockhampton mayor Brad Carter, who is a shameless advocate for turning Rockhampton into a garrison of the US Empire, peace activists Bryan Law and Margaret both bought tickets to the Council hosted Talisman Sabre Ball which is also attended by members of the U.S. military brass for $120 each. The Council then proceeded to cancel the two's tickets by delivering a hand delivered letter from the CEO.


Australian peace movement steps up direct action against the wars

Australian peace activists are taking direct action against military expenditure, war games, the U.S. alliance, the Afghanistan War and the trial of Julian Assange over the next few weeks. On June 28th in Adelaide, activists are picketing a Defence Industry Expo. From July 4th-8th a a blockade of the Swan Island military base is occurring to protest the Afghanistan War.


Peacebus.com captain Convenes Peace Convergence 2011

Peace Bus Press Release 23rd May Peacebus.com captain, Graeme Dunstan, has taken up the convening of the 2011 Peace Convergence and he is now in residence in Rockhampton organising citizen resistance to the Talisman Sabre war games (18-29 July). Talisman Sabre is the biggest military exercise in the land, a national event and as such the most visible manifestation of the US Alliance.


Christian Activists enter restricted military area during live-fire exercises

Four nonviolent Christian activists have entered the Shoalwater Bay Training Area this morning to stop the Talisman Saber exercises. Calling themselves the “Bonhoeffer 4” after Kevin Rudd’s favourite theologian, Margaret Pestorius (44, Social Worker, Cairns), Jarrod McKenna (28, School Peace Educator, Perth) Jessica Morrison (33, University lecturer, Melbourne) and Rev. Simon Moyle (32, Baptist Minister, Melbourne) are currently moving towards a live-fire area.