New revelations increase pressure for surveillance inquiry

Greens Senator Scott Ludlam and Independent Senator Nick Xenophon push for senate inquiry into spying on Australian citizens.

The two major parties are opposing an inquiry despite disturbing new revelations from Edward Snowden. Today's revelations about coordinated mass-surveillance of ordinary citizens will increase the pressure on the Australian Government to come to the table with transparency and reform proposals without delay.


Before Edward Snowden and Wikileaks, William Roy attempted to expose mass surveillance by the United States government and was killed in 1991

Manning, Assange, Snowden….but before the age of Wikileaks came brilliant electronics, communications and surveillance expert and whistleblower William Francis Roy who was killed at the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia in March 1991.


Surveillance and harrassment of anti-coal protestors stepped up in Victoria and nationally

Surveillance and harassment of direct action protestors campaigning against coal in Victoria and nationally is increasing. This week saw the Fairfax press reveal that ASIO has been spying on domestic green groups at the behest of Federal Resources Minister Martin Ferguson. The evidence was obtained through documents through FOI. Apparently non-violent green groups are seen as a bigger threat to power infrastructure than terrorists! This is symptomatic of how the profit margins of large corporations is equated with national interest. This report comes as the Victoria Police Intelligence Group visited Paul Connor from Quit Coal at his home: Listen to interview. Earlier this year it was also revealed that Martin Ferguson had been encouraged by major power companies to increase surveillance of green protestors.


Climate activists protest spying and surveillance authorised by energy minister Martin Ferguson

Martin Ferguson, Minister for Resources and Energy has pushed for increased surveillance of environmental and climate activists protesting coal-fired power stations and coal export facilities, after he was directly lobbied by coal and energy infrastructure companies.

Climate and Environment activists along with Occupy Melbourne paid a call on thursday afternoon to Martin Ferguson's electoral office at 159 High Street, Preston. The office, of course, was closed early supposedly on occupational health and safety grounds, and had a Federal and Victorian police presence.

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Facebook "friending" lands environmental activist in prison

In another cautionary tale for the Left which is increasingly becoming dependant on Facebook - remember that your "friends" are not the only ones watching this corporate site. A U.S. environmentalist activist has been jailed for four months for breaking his parole conditions after "friending" an Earth First activist on his Facebook page. The U.S. Government is moving to formalise its powers of surveillance over Facebook and other corporate social networking sites too.