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WGAR News: Anderson: Unite for the common cause to defeat this 'Deceit by Fraud': Sovereign Union

Newsletter date: 20 April 2014


* Aboriginal Provisional Government: APG to meet in Adelaide [6 May 2014: Kensington, Adelaide, SA]
* Sovereign Union: Anderson: Unite for the common cause to defeat this 'Deceit by Fraud'
* Angus McAllen, Green Left: Brisbane Aboriginal embassy vows to continue the struggle [Featuring Boe Spearim]
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* Greens MLC Robin Chapple: Stolen Wages

WGAR News: Queensland's Stolen Wages to the Crime and Misconduct Commission: SBS Living Black

Newsletter date: 21 April 2013


* SBS Living Black Audio Interview: Queensland's Stolen Wages to the Crime and Misconduct Commission
* SBS; AAP Video: Katter party fights for stolen Indigenous wages
* SBS Radionews Audio: Katter backs Queensland stolen wages return
* NIRS: Stolen Wages rally calls for compensation
* Tracker: CMC should probe stolen wages: Katter

* Central Land Council: Education is the key says new CLC Chair
* NIRS: Maurie Japarta Ryan to lead CLC

WGAR News: "Marie Sailor, an Aboriginal elder whose wages were stolen" Accent of Women, Radio 3CR

Newsletter date: 8 February 2013


* Accent of Women, Radio 3CR: "Marie Sailor, an Aboriginal elder whose wages were stolen"

* "Landmark Stolen Generations Test Case Begins in Perth" Media Statement
* Tracker: Stolen Gen victims begin landmark compensation trial

* Let's Talk's Tiga Bayles interviews William Hayward of ATSILS
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* NIRS: Territorians continue to speak out against funding cuts

WGAR News: WA govt's "mean-spirited" refusal to extend Stolen Wages deadline: Tracker

Newsletter date: 26 December 2012


* Amy McQuire, Tracker: WA govtā€™s "mean-spirited" refusal to extend Stolen Wages deadline
* Stolen Wages: Many will miss out says ALSWA [Aboriginal Legal Service of WA]
* Robin Chapple MLC: Hundreds will miss out as Government refuses to extend Stolen Wages Scheme
* ABC Indigenous: Payments flow to stolen wage victims
* Stolen Wages offer a 'slap in the face' says ALSWA [Aboriginal Legal Service of WA]
* Gerry Georgatos, Indymedia Australia: Stolen wages remain stolen with $2,000 offer
* Creative Spirits: Stolen Wages

From Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation - Stolen Wages Rally - March 28

To all Media networks

There will be a large gathering of Aboriginal People on
28 MARCH, 2012
at the corner of Riverside Drive and Victoria Avenue
for a march to Parliament House .

The march route will be up St Georges Terrace,
stopping momentarily at the Office of Premier and Cabinet.

At Parliament House the speakers will address issues such as


Stolen wages remain stolen with $2,000 offer

by Gerry Georgatos The Stolen Wages campaign has taken an almighty setback in Western Australia when the state government tossed up a disturbingly paltry compensation offer - and which requires one to extinguish all rights to any further claims if they accept the offer.


Stolen wages offer a ā€˜slap in the faceā€™ says WA Aboriginal Legal Service

ALSWA Media Statement
6 March 2012

The Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia (ALSWA) has slammed the WA State Governmentā€™s offer of up to $2000.00 to Aboriginal workers whose past wages were stolen by the state.

ā€œThis is a slap in the face and a cruel and heartless offer which offends the very notion of recompense,ā€ said ALSWA CEO Adjunct Professor Dennis Eggington.