Solidarity intervention for anti-fascist Jock Palfreeman

On Monday 14 of June 2010 took place a solidarity intervention for Jock Palfreeman in The Hub, Newtown. We occupied the square for several hours, displaying banners and flags, handing out many texts (below), and playing anarchist and anti-fascist music. There will be a screening of a documentary about Jock's situation- "One Night in Sofia" at Black Rose 22 Enmore rd, Newtown 8pm 16/6/2010



They say "sorry" mate she'll be right - we say let's set all genocidal institutions alight!

222 years ago the conquistadors of the First Fleet issued an eviction notice to the Aboriginal people. Since then not a day has gone by where the first inhabitants of this land have been free from attempts to obliterate their identity and culture.


Anti-whaling conservationist Peter Bethune's show trial - solidarity call out

The trial of Peter Bethune began on 27th May in Tokyo. Peter pleaded guilty to charges of trespass, property destruction, carrying a knife and disruption of commercial acitivty. He is contesting the charge of assault. The charges arise fromhis Febrauy 15th, 2010 boarding of the illegal Japanese whaling vessel the Shonan Maru No.2. Peter was attempting to deliver a citizens arrest warrant, along with an invoice for the loss of his ship which was sunk earlier by the Japanese whalers.


Solidarity intervention and public speaking for strikers in Greece

On the afternoon of Sunday 16/5/2010 took place a solidarity intervention and public speaking for the strikers and our comrades in Greece. For several hours we occupied Newtown square, banners were hung around, displayed many anarchist flags, distributed texts, scattered flyers throughout the area, and played Greek anarchist music.


Solidarity with the workers' struggle in Greece

Yesterday 11/5/2010 a solidarity gathering with the workers struggle in Greece took place at the Greek Consulate in Sydney, Australia. The same building also holds the branch of Laiki Bank, the subsidiary of Marfin Bank in Sydney.


Solidarity call for British soldier jailed for refusing to fight

SEND a solidarity letter/postcard to imprisoned British soldier Joe Glenton refusing refusing to fight in Afghanistan

Joe Glenton was sentenced last week to nine months jail for refusing to redeploy to Afghanistan with the British Army.
Folowing a military tour in Afghanistan, Joe refused redeployment and spent 2 years AWOL in Australia before surfacing at an anti-war march in London to denounce the war .
Please send a letter or postcard of solidarity to Joe at the address below
(mentioned in a letter from his parents).

Joe Glenton (3 minute vid)

Support for people of Honduras - 15 August

While the repression following the coup d'etat continues in Honduras so too do the protests, both there and around the world: last Tuesday was a global day of action called by Via Campesina Honduras (, and in Melbourne LASNET held a meeting that evening at Friends of the Earth in Collingwood, followed by a rally at Federation Square on Saturday August 15.