WGAR News: "Freedom Summit goes national and is now known as the Freedom Movement. The Sit-In in Canberra will commence January 26."

Newsletter date: 28 December 2014


* Events: The Stringer facebook: Upcoming Information Events: "Freedom Summit goes national and is now known as the Freedom Movement." [Includes Adelaide flyer]
* Events: The Stringer facebook: "Tour dates to hear about the Freedom Movement are coming together with Adelaide and Sydney organised, ... " [Includes Sydney flyer]

WGAR News: Sovereignty not constitutional recognition the key to closing the gap: The Wire

Newsletter date: 9 February 2013


* The Wire: Sovereignty not Constitutional recognition the key to Closing the Gap
* Sovereign Union: Governments 'Act of Recognition' has some very serious implications
* NIRS: Raising life expectancy not a case of throwing around money: Mansell
* Close the Gap Campaign Steering Committee: Shadow Report 2013
* Congress Close the Gap Statement
* Greens Senator Rachel Siewert: Government commitment to flawed policies clouds efforts to close the gap

* Brisbane Times: Protesters storm Rudd's Brisbane office