Sea Shepherd

Conflict at night as Japanese whaling vessels harass lone Sea Shepherd ship

Conflict at night on the high seas of the southern ocean whale sanctuary as two Japanese harpoon ships harass Sea Shepherd activists on board the Bob Barker in an attempt to throw them off the tail of the Nisshin Maru whaling factory ship. The weapons in this mini conflict were Tow lines, lasers, spotlights and rockets (flares). The harassment occurred as night was rapidly falling with snow flurries in the air, and within hours of the Bob Barker sighting the Nisshin Maru.

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Sea Shepherd ruse allows Bob Barker to find whaling factory ship

The Japanese whaling fleet is facing a second year of poor whaling in the southern ocean whale sanctuary due to the dogged perseverance and tactics of two Sea Shepherd vessels: the Steve Irwin and Bob Baker. A third sea sheperd vessel, the Brigitte Bardot, was forced to retire early in the whaling season when it sustained damage from a rogue wave.

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Our sincere apologies, Prime Minister: Commentary by Paul Watson

Our apologies, Prime Minister. I’m sorry we were not racing around the world trying to establish a world record on a ten million dollar sailing vessel that was wrecked by a storm.

I’m sorry we were not a Russian poaching vessel stealing Patagonia toothfish from the waters off the coast of Antarctica where we breached our hull and needed your help.

I’m sorry that we are not an eco-tourist vessel grounded on the beach of Antarctica in need of your assistance.

Unfortunately we’re not setting world records, poaching fish or gawking at penguins.

Forest Rescue activists board Japanese whaling ship in solidarity with Sea Shepherd

In the early hours of Sunday, January 8, three forest rescue activists boarded the Japanese whaling fleet security vessel Shonan Maru No 2 off Bunbury, Western Australia as an act of solidarity with Sea Shepherd in their campaign to stop Japanese commercial whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. While in the Antarctic Sea Shepherd activists from the Bob Barker continue to pursue and harass the main whaling fleet.

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Three Australian prisoners detained on a Japanese whaler in Australian waters

Sea Shepherd Press Release Jan 7th 2012 Early this morning The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society assisted Forest Rescue Australia in a complex and daring move to board the Shonan Maru #2 in waters off Bunbury, Western Australia

Sea Shepherd intercepts Japanese whaling fleet using drone on Christmas day

Sea Shepherd celebrates a christmas for the whales having located the whaling fleet on Christmas eve and intercepted the fleet on Christmas day before a single whale has been killed this season.


Japanese whaling uneconomic but a matter of honor and pride

Media reports from Japan this week highlight that the Japanese Fisheries Agency is likely to send the whaling fleet to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary near Antarctica later this year. A US$27 million boost to security for the whaling fleet is likely, despite the country still reeling from it's triple disaster of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown. The injection of more Government money into the program is likely to be controversial locally when many people are still homeless as a result of the disasters and when many rebuilding programs still require funding.

Whaling factory ship found by Sea Shepherd activists in the Ross Sea

This has been a disasterous year for the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has fielded 3 ships taking out of action two harpoon vessels while the Nisshin Maru fled accompanied by one harpoon ship. Now the Nisshin Maru has been found in the Ross Sea.

Sea Shepherd locates whaling fleet before the slaughter

For the first time in seven years of campaigning in the southern ocean Sea Shepherd have been able to locate 2 harpoon vessels in the whaling fleet before whaling was able to begin.

The Sea Shepherd vessels Bob Barker located on New Year's Eve 2010 an unidentified harpoon vessel on the edge of the Antarctic ice at 148 degrees west. Shortly after the Sea Shepherd flagship, the Steve Irwin, found the Japanese harpoon vessel Yushin Maru #2 sitting in the ice some 60 miles to the north.

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Sea Shepherd scares toothfish poacher while searching for whaling fleet

The crew on board the Sea Shepherd ship Bob Barker have recovered illegal unmarked longlines and buoys in the southern ocean set to target an endangered species, the Patagonian toothfish, also known and marketed as Chilean sea bass. A vessel was seen in the distance, but when hailed by radio fled from the Bob Barker.