Rights of the Child

Australia shatters its party on the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

by Gerry Georgatos It is indeed now common knowledge that Australian adult prisons are incarcerating children as young as 13. The human rights struggle to free these children from our adult prisons has been an arduous one, with the major obstacle the Australian government and the horrific prejudices and stereotypes they have shoved down throats so as to perceptually modify views. Many have now been freed, some brutally traumatised, one sexually abused, all of them losing some of the form and content of their youth to an unwarranted prison experience.
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Open letter to Federal Clerk of Parliament, Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Federal Parliament

Open letter to:

Federal Clerk of Parliament,
Prime Minister Julia Gillard,
Federal Attorney General Robert McClelland,
and all Federal senators and politicians

N.B. A copy of this letter was emailed to the above on Wednesday, 23 June 2010. There has been no response from anyone.

Speaker of Queensland Parliament ignores lengthy and ongoing protest outside his electorate office

Jennifer Nash, the mother protesting outside John Mickel’s electorate office on the lack of electoral representation on the issue of judicial abuse and judicial corruption against an unrepresented Australian child has been consistently denied electoral representation by Mr Mickel, her elected Member of Parliament and Queensland Speaker.