Refugee Action Collective

Refugee advocates rally to support refugees in immigration limbo at Broadmeadows

Over 300 people gathered to support the 55 asylum seekers in immigration detention at the Broadmeadows Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation (MITA) Centre, organised by the Refugee Action Collective (Victoria). 55 asylum seekers have refugee status but are in immigration limbo as they have adverse security assessments from ASIO with no right of appeal or ability to question ASIO's sources. More than 30 of these people are locked up at Broadmeadows, some for more than 4 years, with no end in sight.


Deported Tamil asylum seeker interrogated for 16 hours then released but still in danger

Refugee Action Collective Victoria Media Release July 27th 2012 Distraught family members of deported Tamil asylum seeker Mr Dayan Anthony have finally been reunited with him. Anthony was deported on July 25.

Anthony was interrogated for 16 hours after being handed over to the Sri Lankan police intelligence unit (CID) at Colombo airport. During this time, the Sri Lankan police refused to give the family any information.

: Refugee Action Collective calls on the government to decriminalise people smuggling

Media Release 19th December The Refugee Action Collective (Victoria) is saddened by the news of over 200 asylum seekers who have potentially died at sea on their way to Australia to seek asylum. The Refugee Action Collective also condemns the anti-people smuggling policies of the Gillard Labor government and places them with the blame for the death of possibly over 200 asylum seekers off the coast of Java on Sunday morning.


Anti-Gillard protest in Melbourne, 28 September

Same-sex marriage and refugee activists were the main groups protesting outside the Park Hyatt hotel in Melbourne when Prime Minister Julia Gillard was delivering a speech to a lunch of the AsiaLink and Asia Society (


Refugee activists oppose removing human rights from Migration Act

Refugee Action Collective Media Release: 20/9/2011 Refugee activists oppose removing human rights from Migration Act; All MPs who support human rights should vote against Gillard’s amendments.

The Refugee Action Collective opposes the proposed changes to the Migration Act by the Labor government and any amendments proposed by the Liberal opposition. It believes all amendments seek to strip any safeguards for human rights and defies international law.


Refugee activists call on pro-refugee Labor MPs to cross the floor

Media Release 13/9/2011 The Refugee Action Collective condemns Labor’s plan to try and change the Migration Act to make the Malaysian “solution” lawful in the wake of the High Court victory.

We reiterate our demand to end all offshore processing. Asylum seekers should be processed on the mainland, in the community.


Activists to take cows to Immigration department to protest live trade of refugees to Malaysia

Refugee Action Collective Media Release 20th August Since the public outcry over the cruelty of the live animal export trade, many Australians have expressed dismay that the Australian government is prepared to act swiftly to stop cruelty to animals but is preparing to carry out what amounts to the live trade of human beings with its Malaysia refugee swap deal.

People who are concerned about the human rights of refugees will bring two cows to a protest outside the Immigration office on August 22 to highlight the double standards of the government.


Refugee Action Collective condemns the Malaysian solution

Refugee Action Collective Media Release July 24th 2011/> The Refugee Action Collective (Victoria) condemns the Australian government’s agreement to send 800 asylum seekers to Malaysia in an agreement to be signed with the Malaysian government tomorrow. We insist that arrivals by boat be processed in the Australian community. We should also accept more refugees from the camps in Malaysia, increase the quota and actually abide by it instead of deporting people who risk their lives to get here.