WGAR News: "Freedom Summit goes national and is now known as the Freedom Movement. The Sit-In in Canberra will commence January 26."

Newsletter date: 28 December 2014


* Events: The Stringer facebook: Upcoming Information Events: "Freedom Summit goes national and is now known as the Freedom Movement." [Includes Adelaide flyer]
* Events: The Stringer facebook: "Tour dates to hear about the Freedom Movement are coming together with Adelaide and Sydney organised, ... " [Includes Sydney flyer]

Media Release: Protest At SA Labor Party Convention: It's Time To Reject The Forrest Review

First Nations' Advocates for Rights and Equality, SIMPla (Stop Income Management in Playford), Anti-Poverty Network SA, and concerned members of the public will protest against Premier Jay Weatherill's blanket endorsement of Andrew Forrest's proposals in his Indigenous Employment and Training Review, including significantly expanding Income Management.


Civil disobedience in the Pillaga against Santos developing CSG wells

Something is happening in the Pillaga in western NSW. Coal Seam Gas exploration and drilling by Santos is under concerted attack. While the protests are not new, the profiles of those locking on or taking a stand are no longer the regular sterotype.


don and henry continue blaming us for our own ills

whilst twiggy forrest is running around the country attempting to sell his master plan to 'save' we aborigines from our 60 000+ years of culture and history. to, in a sense, to save us from ourselves.

apparently there are thousands upon thousands of well paid jobs if we only become romany-like and travel around the country picking fruit. we just need to leave our ancestral lands and become full-time itinerants.


Urgent: Abbott is rushing through laws to attack your rights at work

Tony Abbott is trying to rush through laws that introduce new unfair individual contracts that cut take home pay, give more power to employers in bargaining and make it harder for workers to access their union. But to do all this he needs the crucial votes of at least six cross-bench senators.

We can stop Abbott’s attack dead in its tracks if just three cross-bench senators vote against the bill. It looks like the vote will take place this Wednesday so we need to act fast and we need everyone to play their part.


CALLING FOR A REVOLUTION! - Malcolm Fraser, ABC 23.08.14

Jingoistic language is being used by politicians in dumbed-down settler society AUSTRALIA to manipulate the fears of the xenophobic white majority... but former PM Malcolm FRASER is now calling for a "REVOLUTION". Are YOU willing to tear yourself away from your plasma screen TV + your lattes to create CHANGE???


Eight-minute video history lesson about mistreatment of Aborigines

Treaty on land rights which was never kept. See also

A group of "Concerned Australians" has published an excellent YouTube video outlining how governments are still mistreating Aborigines, stealing their money and land, keeping them poor and stripping them of any power they may have had.