Prison system

(A-Radio) Interview: Week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners August 2015

As Anarchist Radio Berlin we talked with a prisoner support activist about the upcoming Week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners, who is promoting it and what it is about. For security reasons, this interview has been re-recorded using our own voices.

WGAR News: National inquiry into Justice Reinvestment: Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer

Newsletter date: 10 April 2013


* Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: National inquiry into Justice Reinvestment
* Let's Talk's Tiga Bayles interviews Gerry Georgatos about The Australian Prison system
* CAAMA Radio: Priscilla Collins, NAAJA CEO on funding for NT youth
* SBS Living Black Audio: WA's Courts Raise Concerns Over Children In Hakea Prison
* SBS Radionews Audio: Indigenous detention centres 'at crisis point'
* The Stringer: "Paraded like zoo animals"
* Background to Aboriginal imprisonment and Deaths in Custody