Bourgeois Democracy, the State and the Socialist Revolution - by Graham Milner

The following link is to the first of a series of three articles that were published in the Australian newspaper 'Green Left Weekly' late last year: 'Socialists and How the Vote Was Won'.   It has proven impossible to have the comments I wrote about this article published in any 'Green Left Weekly' or Socialist Alliance (the sponsors of 'GLW") publication or weblist.   Hence I am looking to alternative avenues for publication of my opinions about this particular article.



The Job Guarantee

The job guarantee. This is not full employment that may still mean an unemployment rate of 2-4%. This is a job for everyone. This would not only reduce poverty because the unemployed are well represented in poverty numbers. It would see an end to the bickering and ideological wars over unemployment benefits. Work for the dole and stereotypes about the lazy unemployed. The private sector has never and will never be able to provide employment to everyone. They are unlikely to hire those they are most adverse to. The long-term unemployed, the disabled worker, and the mature-aged worker.

De Pod 2015 - 03 - 28 [ audio ]


German language news and curent affais commentary

Nachrichten Kommentar mit Martin und Wolfgang produziert in Australien

Themen: German Wings Absturz, Yemen Saudi Arabien Iran, Ukraine Russland Putin, Gross Britannien Wahl, Australien NSW Wahlen

29:53 min 128 kbps stereo 27.4 MB

De Pod 2015-03-14


German language commentary

Nachrichten Kommentar mit Martin und Wolfgang produziert in Australien

Musik von Luke Vassella [ Luke Vassella Feature Kaputt X Radio KR # 290 erhaeltlich von radio4all.net oder archive.org ]

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Irritations [ audio ]


Collection of Issues


news media, Sodacake with "oralie", The Abbotts with "Winter-Olympics" and "Downton Abbott", Skuthorpe with "No More Whispers" - both from 98.9 FM Indigenous Radio Brisbane, SISTAGURL with "East Coast Reppin, Clarke Dawe from the ABC



Burying the future: Pipelines, Arctic melt, southern hemisphere weather

Canadian scientist Paul Beckwith explains how the Arctic warming emergency is changing your weather. First, story of anti-pipeline media warrior, John Bolenbaugh. The leaks, scandals and deaths behind Tar Sands pipelines.

Download/listen to Radio Ecoshock 130424 here: http://www.ecoshock.net/eshock13/ES_130424_Show_LoFi.mp3

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says an ice-free Arctic is no longer a matter of "if" but "when".

Ausfailia: Aus-fail-ia ...abstained on UN vote for Palestine

By Douglas Chalmers...

Nothing can excuse Australia, a white supremacist settler society fantasy-land just like the fake state of Israel, which did NOT have the decency to vote FOR the rights of PALESTINIANS, uhh... that is the way of a fading Anglo colony living in the past and hanging onto the USA's coat-tails....

Your Brain Will Fall Out part 2 mp3


potentially offensive

more satirical collage

Betty Bowers marriage advice, The Real Housewifes of the L.D.S, The Secret World Of Mormonism, 'WeHaveToLive' Norel Pref, Onion Radio News, Frank Zappa, Ricky Gervais, Bill Burr, Bill Bailey

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