August 2015 Honduras Coup Update

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August 2015 Honduras Coup Update

Cases of persecution in August 2015

Attacks against the fire torch movement; one youth killed, protests violently repressed, and a doctor and politician receives death threat for supporting the marches.

Confessions Of A Political Door-Mat mp3


Collage selection of the most stupid, lying, and dangerous politicians of 2011

media samples, "A Fawkes In The Road" Archibold, "A Plea For Tony Abbott" Clarke and Dawe, "The Euro Sausage" Yes Minister

sounds: Peculiar, Bitrok, Chris Fisher,Tijuana Cartel

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Protest voters are taking control of our politicians

Protest voters refused to toe the line and vote according to the (self interested) leaflets.

Emails circulating saying " PROTEST VOTES How to Lodge a Protest Vote: So long as you obtain a ballot paper in a lawful manner and place it in the ballot box you cannot be compelled to vote for the candidates on that ballot paper and may, if you wish, cast your vote against all names on that paper by neatly crossing them out. You have legally signified that none of the candidates on that ballot paper meet with your satisfaction."evidently struck a chord.