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(A-Radio) Interview: Week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners August 2015

As Anarchist Radio Berlin we talked with a prisoner support activist about the upcoming Week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners, who is promoting it and what it is about. For security reasons, this interview has been re-recorded using our own voices.

West Papua's Prisoners of Conscience

A new website and campaign has been launched to highlight Indonesia’s appalling record of jailing peaceful activists.


The website is intended to support advocacy for the rights of the political prisoners who are currently languishing in jails across West Papua.

There are at least 40 political detainees being held in Papuan jails. Many have been subjected to torture, denied access to lawyers, and suffered all manner of other human rights violations.

Free political prisoners in West Papua - rally at Indonesian consulate, Melbourne, 8 April 2011

The Morning Star flew in front of the Indonesian Consulate in Melbourne this morning as members of the West Papua community and supporters gathered to demand the release of political prisoners and an end to torture and repression.

The particular focus of the action was the case of Filep Karma - see this Amnesty USA video on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gp6uiIr-efg - sentenced in May 2005 to 15 years imprisonment for treason.


Anti-whaling conservationist Peter Bethune's show trial - solidarity call out

The trial of Peter Bethune began on 27th May in Tokyo. Peter pleaded guilty to charges of trespass, property destruction, carrying a knife and disruption of commercial acitivty. He is contesting the charge of assault. The charges arise fromhis Febrauy 15th, 2010 boarding of the illegal Japanese whaling vessel the Shonan Maru No.2. Peter was attempting to deliver a citizens arrest warrant, along with an invoice for the loss of his ship which was sunk earlier by the Japanese whalers.


Public Speak-Out: Free all political prisoners!

Posters featuring “Lynne Stewart, radical lawyer, jailed in New York for fearlessly defending her client; Palm Island Indigenous leader, Lex Wotton, jailed in Queensland for leading a protest against a police killing; Leonard Peltier, Native American elder, framed by the FBI and held in numerous U.S. prisons for 33 years; Mumia Abu-Jamal, framed by racist police and currently on death row in Pennsylvania” formed a backdrop to a rally called by Anarchist Black Cross (ABC), Freedom Socialist Party (FSP), and Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group (MACG) on Saturday.