political corruption

Open Letter to Mr. Kevin Rudd Member of the ALP

Mr. Kevin Rudd
Member of the ALP
2. 8. 13

Dear Sir,
As I show in correspondence dated July 8 2013 you recently called for a Federal intervention into the NSW Branch of the ALP. You also stated any corruption found will not be swept under the carpet, and any finding of adverse conduct will see that member expelled from the Labor Party.


How Australia’s right to know is being systematically perverted and denied!

Is there a recent issue in Australian politics, which has been more reported to death, bored and offended us more than Kevin udd’s planned comeback as Prime Minister? How many times has the media reported Kevin Rudd’s renewed leadership ambitions and the fact he was convinced he was a better PM than Julia Gillard?


Is The Punch being unduly censored?

I recently documented on The Punch how my son Jordan, a victim of severe school bullying and education discrimination has become a victim of escalating human rights abuses including police brutality, false arrest, false imprisonment and wrongful prosecution. After my blog comments were published online they received over a dozen replies. However, sometime between 5 and 6 pm on 13/12/11, all my published comments and the responses to them were removed from The Punch website due to censorship.


The challenges of exposing corruption

The question of how to expose corruption or abuse of office within a government has never been a trivial one to answer. This is particularly the case when the tentacles of the government in question extend so deeply into that nation’s media.

The Expendable Project was created to address this with respect to Australia, and to disclose appalling misconduct in the case of Schapelle Corby, a now mentally ill woman enduring her eighth year of twenty in an Indonesian prison, for a crime she patently did not commit.


Murdoch scandal: hypocritical warmongers exposed

The scandal engulfing Rupert Murdoch and his global media empire is giving the world a glimpse of what the face of power looks like today — and it’s ugly.

The revelations of networks of patronage and power, which link politicians and the police to corporate interests that believe themselves to be above laws, ethics or scrutiny, are frightening.

However, Murdoch’s reputation for deciding elections and dictating policies to governments, and the notorious right-wing bias (and looseness with inconvenient facts) of his media outlets, is not new.

Let the people elect judges

Retired Brisbane Supreme Court Judge Geoff Davies QC is correct; (Courier Mail September 1, 2006) government stacking the courts with political favourites is the main evil in the administration of justice in Australia. But I disagree with his proposal to create a seven-man panel including the Queensland Law Society, church leaders and newspaper editors to oversee the appointment of judges.

John Mickel concealing corruption

My political protest outside the electoral office of my local MP, John Mickel Speaker of Parliament has now entered its 9th (ninth) week. And my local elected MP is still denying us electoral representation and continues to pretend my son, a bullied schoolboy and me do not even exist.

John Mickel is still doggedly refusing to acknowledge us and is still refusing to assist us in any way. He has often claimed to be a devout Catholic, who attends Sunday mass at St Bernardine’s Catholic Church.


Open letter to Federal Clerk of Parliament, Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Federal Parliament

Open letter to:

Federal Clerk of Parliament,
Prime Minister Julia Gillard,
Federal Attorney General Robert McClelland,
and all Federal senators and politicians

N.B. A copy of this letter was emailed to the above on Wednesday, 23 June 2010. There has been no response from anyone.

Speaker of Queensland Parliament ignores lengthy and ongoing protest outside his electorate office

Jennifer Nash, the mother protesting outside John Mickel’s electorate office on the lack of electoral representation on the issue of judicial abuse and judicial corruption against an unrepresented Australian child has been consistently denied electoral representation by Mr Mickel, her elected Member of Parliament and Queensland Speaker.