Police brutality

NEW VIDEO: Police brutality at the Sydney University strikes

Below is a new four minute video giving a brief, but detailed analysis of the police brutality at one of the Sydney University strikes. We see police snatching camera, twisting arms, giving out headlocks and more. All in the name of protecting the university from the seething rage of class struggle. We have nothing but love and compassion for our friends and comrades who have been physically hurt, and emotionally burdened by being dragged through needless court processes.


WGAR News: Stop deaths in custody groups form coalition: Ray Jackson, Green Left

Newsletter date: 9 May 2013


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Open letter: whose university is University of Sydney?

Open letter: whose university is University of Sydney?


I am one of the community members arrested at the first day of the 48 hours strike of the University of Sydney workers. I am now indefinitely banned by a university board from the university, after closely filming the assaults against my friends and others in the community who participated in the strike, and being arrested and assaulted myself by police. This is not an allegation, it is a truth.

The questions I want to ask are:


WGAR News: Evidently: Finding the truth in the employment gap: Jon Altman, Tracker

Newsletter date: 4 March 2013


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Queensland Police Commissioner must disclose all police brutality allegations promptly

Queensland Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson recently held a press conference confirming a police investigation into the bashing of a handcuffed Gold Coast man had been launched. Mr Atkinson was critical of the leaking of CCTV footage of the attack to the media. He claimed the QPS takes all complaints of police brutality very seriously and the complaint would have been thoroughly investigated even without media pressure.


How Australia’s right to know is being systematically perverted and denied!

Is there a recent issue in Australian politics, which has been more reported to death, bored and offended us more than Kevin udd’s planned comeback as Prime Minister? How many times has the media reported Kevin Rudd’s renewed leadership ambitions and the fact he was convinced he was a better PM than Julia Gillard?


Violent dawn police raid evicts Occupy Sydney from Martin Place

Over 100 police on 5AM on October 23rd, violent evicted Occupy Sydney from Martin Place. The raid occurred within 48 hours of the similarly violent eviction in Melbourne signaling a major escalation of the Occupy Movement within Australia. Over 40 protestors were arrested during the raid. Although limited footage and pictures have emerged due to both the timing of the raid but also clear police attempts to prevent people filming the arrests, it is clear that the raid was violent. This footage from Sky news and WA Today clearly shows protestors with bloodied faces and hog tied with plastic ties after their arrest. An interview with Mark Goudkamp on the ABC outlines clearly that police punched and assaulted protestors during the raid. This photo on a Herald Sun story demonstrates true nature of the raid with a young woman hog tied after her arrest surrounded by several large burly cops.
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Occupy Melbourne statement: Young Aboriginal man admitted to hospital after vicious police attack

Media Release – 3.30 pm Friday OCTOBER 21st 2011Koby James, 21, a young indigenous resident of Melbourne was the last person in the Occupy Melbourne movement to be violently evicted from the city square.

He had the aboriginal flag draped around his shoulders as the police viciously and indiscriminately evicted the Occupy Melbourne movement. Koby James is currently in care with the Victorian Aboriginal health service.


Queensland Security Intelligence agents torture and arrest young judicial corruption victim

Because Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has banned TV news cameras from parliament, the public has no idea what happened to my son on 25 November 2010 when we were both ejected from parliament and my son Jordan Nash was assaulted by the SIB and then arrested for no reason.

Police claim they capsicum sprayed protestor to protect him!

Oliver Ball the protestor who was capsicum sprayed twice by police at the rally against mandatory detention at the Broadmeadows Detention Centre on April 2nd has spoken extensively to the mainstream media about the police violence used against him. He has also brought the video footage of this disgusting attack on a peaceful protestor to the attention of the media as well receiving coverage on John Faine's 774 show, ABC online, the Herald Sun, The Age and the report by AAP has also been circulated widely.