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Gaza aid flotilla to set sail for confrontation with Israel

A flotilla of eight boats carrying thousands of tonnes of construction materials, medical equipment and other aid is preparing to sail to Gaza in the next few days, setting the scene for a confrontation with Israel which has vowed to prevent the ships breaking the blockade on the Palestinian territory. Read about the progress of the flotilla at

Hit the 'emergency stop' button on the Afghanistan war!

In the week before Easter 2010 the Bonhoeffer Peace Collective went to the Swan Island Military base to press the emergency stop button on the war in Afghanistan. They face Geelong Magistrates Court in the last week of May/first week of June and would love you to join them in a celebration of active, vibrant resistance to war on that day. Join them in either an arrestable or non-arrestable action back at the base straight after their court appearance. Now it's your turn to hit the emergency stop button!