Paul Newbury

WGAR News: Memorial for Freedom Fighters: Dylan Clarke, Living Black Radio; featuring Aunty Carolyn Briggs

Newsletter date: 4 February 2014


* Dylan Clarke, Living Black Radio: Memorial for Freedom Fighters
[Featuring Boonwurrung Elder and Patron of the Commemoration Committee, Aunty Carolyn Briggs]
* Jonathan Green, ABC RN Sunday Extra: Henry Reynolds, Historian and author of 'Forgotten War'
* Phillip Adams & Ann Arnold, ABC RN Late Night Live: Australia's forgotten war [Featuring Henry Reynolds]
* Paul Newbury, On Line Opinion: It’s time to commemorate the Frontier Wars
* Background to the Aboriginal sovereignty movement

WGAR News: Time to honour Aboriginal frontier warriors: Paul Newbury, Eureka Street

Newsletter date: 24 January 2014


* Paul Newbury, Eureka Street: Time to honour Aboriginal frontier warriors
* Catherine Armitage, Sydney Morning Herald: Tim Flannery in call to honour Aborigines killed in land wars
* Catherine Armitage, Sydney Morning Herald: Put indigenous warriors in war memorials: Flannery
* Geoff Page and Digby Habel, Canberra Times Letters: Nelson out of step in failure to honour Aboriginal warriors
* Michael Anderson, Sovereign Union: ANZAC Day - for those who served in all wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations