Occupy Sydney claim police harassment

The Occupy Sydney movement claims that the NSW Police force are harassing activists with regular raids on their Martin Place base and numerous arrests for trivial matters.

The group says Police visit their site up to three times a day, confiscate property and try to charge people with minor offences.

In the latest incident six occupy activists were arrested following a protest outside the Greek embassy on Wednesday.

Four of them were held for 10 to 12 hours each, then released without charge.


Banner hanging a prelude of things to come...

"Goldman Sachs rules the world"
- Alessio Rastani

This morning we left a friendly message* hanging from the roof of Malcolm Turnbull's office.

Through it, we send our love and solidarity to all those occupying squares and buildings around the world as a stand against the global dictatorship of state and capital. We stand in struggle with the poor, the prisoners and the indigenous custodians of this
land, now carved up by mining and banking interests.


Occupy Sydney attacks police and responds to criticism!

A belated statement for the media.

My name is Ashwyn, and I have been involved in the occupy sydney camp, and along with a significant portion of my friends, have been extremely dissatisfied with the media coverage. To make it worse, the 'individual' (and I use the term loosely, perhaps I should say 'socialist party') spokespeople representing the movement have done a mostly terrible job of it. This is my attempt to bring forward some very important details that have been lacking.

Culture of entitlement


Greens condemn raid on Occupy Sydney

How to deal with pepper/capcicum spray should you ever need to

NSW Greens have condemned heavy handed police action and called for
restraint and respect for non-violent protest following riot police making a
pre-dawn raid arresting participants and breaking up the peaceful Occupy
Sydney protest this morning.

NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge said:


Occupy Sydney in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street & United for Global Change

I wonder how many of us have been glued to our computer screens over the past week watching the events in New York as they unfold live on air (http://www.livestream.com/globalrevolution & http://occupystream.com/). Have you joined the Twitter conversation with hash-tag OccupyWallStreet? The occupy movement in the US is proving to be something of a social tsunami.