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WGAR News: Invasion Day / Survival Day Rallies and Marches Across Australia: NITV News; SBS News; Occupy Sydney

Newsletter date: 28 January 2015


* Video: NITV News - 26 January 2015: Invasion Day Marches and Rallies in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane
* Video: SBS News: 'Survival Day' marked across Australia
* News: Occupy Sydney: Invasion/Survival Day Rallies Across Australia

* Hobart
-- News: Daniel McCulloch, The Examiner: Change the date campaign ramps up

Australian embassy attacked in Berlin

On the evening of the 29th of June we took it upon ourselves to beautify a large eyesore called the Australian Embassy in Mitte, Berlin. This small gesture was taken in solidarity with comrades across the world, in the colonised region known as Sydney.

We painted



15 Feb Occupy Sydney: Solidarity with Greece demo - consulate evacuated, 6 comrades arrested, 11 hours of noise outside police station

On Wednesday the 15th of February participants of the Occupy Sydney movement staged a demonstration in solidarity with the Greek revolt. Over the past week, Greece has been rocked by a General strike, the mobilisation of 500,000 people and massive rioting in the streets of Athens and other Greek cities,


Occupy Sydney occupies Westpac Headquarters

Occupy Sydney occupied the head office of Westpac in Sydney on January 30 to protest against the axing of 188 jobs. The people whose jobs are being axed will have to train their overseas replacements, who will be paid far less. Meanwhile, Westpacs CEO Gail Kelly was paid $9.5 million in 2011 and Westpac made $6.9 billion.


Riot police brutally break up Occupy Sydney housing protest squat

On the 8th November five occupy Sydney protestors were arrested. The arrests came after the riot police usinig police dogs and chainsaws forced their way into an unoccupied Sydney building Occupy Sydney had began to squat that day as a protest against unaffordable housing in Australia. A banner had been hung from the building declaring "Housing Crisis solved".


Violent dawn police raid evicts Occupy Sydney from Martin Place

Over 100 police on 5AM on October 23rd, violent evicted Occupy Sydney from Martin Place. The raid occurred within 48 hours of the similarly violent eviction in Melbourne signaling a major escalation of the Occupy Movement within Australia. Over 40 protestors were arrested during the raid. Although limited footage and pictures have emerged due to both the timing of the raid but also clear police attempts to prevent people filming the arrests, it is clear that the raid was violent. This footage from Sky news and WA Today clearly shows protestors with bloodied faces and hog tied with plastic ties after their arrest. An interview with Mark Goudkamp on the ABC outlines clearly that police punched and assaulted protestors during the raid. This photo on a Herald Sun story demonstrates true nature of the raid with a young woman hog tied after her arrest surrounded by several large burly cops.
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