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Woman assaulted in eye by police – she tells. Doyle a "complete idiot”.

By Jack

Occupy Melbourne: Recording of innocent victims’ and eyewitness accounts from the middle of the crowd; sounds of the protest as ‘Occupy Melbourne’ is forced into retreat down Swanston St. Comments from the 99% who joined Occupy Melbourne on Friday 21 October to find themselves being attacked by armed police in riot gear and others on horseback.

By around 4.30 about 1,000 of them were being forced to slowly move North up Swanston St.
‘The monetary system isn’t working’ says Jonathan.


No right to protest in Melbourne

Victoria Police have a duty under the Charter of Human Rights to protect and promote human rights including the right to freedom of assembly and freedom of expression.

By following the directions of the Mayor to remove protesting people from a public place, who were causing no fear and damaging no property, Victoria Police have failed to protect and promote human rights.


Occupy Melbourne media release- 21/10/11: Police violence warrants full inquiry

Occupy Melbourne have called for a full inquiry into unlawful police ... behaviour amid scenes of police violence on the streets of Melbourne today. The call comes after riot police disrupted a peaceful demonstration in Melbourne’s CBD.

“We call on Premier Ted Ballieu and Lord Mayor Robert Doyle to back a full and independent investigation into the use of unlawful and excessive force by Victoria Police and the Melbourne City Council,” said Occupy Melbourne spokesperson Erin Buckley.


Peaceful Occupy Melbourne protest brutally evicted

Breaking News - Re-occupation beginning Saturday 29th Treasury Gardens

After six days of peaceful occupation of the city square, and five days before the Queen is due to visit Melbourne, Lord Mayor Robert Doyle warned that if the protestors didn't leave today they would be forcibly removed. The eviction was carried out by 400 police including riot police and dogs. Horses and capsicum spray were also used to attack the crowd at various times. People stood their ground in the square before being removed one by one. Occupy Melbourne then staged a peaceful sit-in in Swanston St which was again brutally attacked. At least 65 people were arrested, most released without charge however it is believed that 5 people remain in custody. The crowd regathered at the State Library in the early evening and have vowed to gather once again - at 12PM in Federation Square, Saturday October 22nd. The struggle against social and economic inequality, against corporate greed and for a real democracy continues tomorrow on the streets of Melbourne and around the world.
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