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Statement by Helen Caldicott on Fukushima disaster

“I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds”. Robert Oppenheimer, quoting the Baghavad Gita, on witnessing the first atomic bomb test, 1945

As I write this – on the afternoon of March 16 in the United States – the situation at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant No. 1 is, tragically, looking increasingly grim. Radiation levels are increasing, mass evacuations in the area surrounding Fukushima are underway; and experts are speculating –with trepidation, but understandable caution – about how far the radiation will spread, both within Japan and to other parts of the planet.

Spinning Fukushima

Below is an article from FOE Mellbourne's website explaining how Austalian nuclear scientists/boosters have tried to spin the ongoing crisis in Fukushima in Japan.

How have Australian scientists handled the difficult task of keeping us informed about the unfolding nuclear disaster in Japan? The first thing to note is that precious few Australian scientists have featured in the media. The most prominent have been Prof Aidan Byrne from the Australian National University, RMIT Chancellor Dr Ziggy Switkowski, and Prof. Barry Brook from Adelaide University.