Nat Wasley

WGAR News: Federal minister visits Muckaty Station: CAAMA interviews Penny Phillips & Lauren Mellor

Newsletter date: 5 August 2013


* CAAMA Radio interviews Penny Phillips and Lauren Mellor: Federal minister visits Muckaty Station
* Tennant & District Times: Federal Minister visits Muckaty
* Caddie Brain, ABC Rural: Federal Minister visits Muckaty Station
* Tracker: Abandon nuke dump proposal, NT elders urge
* 3CR interview with Dianne Stokes, Lizzie O'Shea and Nat Wasley: Same dump, different Minister. Keeping Muckaty nuclear free
* Dave Sweeney, The Guardian: Plan to use Aboriginal land as a nuclear waste dump is flawed and misguided

WGAR News: Muckaty nuclear waste dump update April 2013: Nat Wasley, Ohms Not Bombs

Newsletter date: 24 April 2013


* Nat Wasley, Ohms Not Bombs: Muckaty nuclear waste dump update April 2013
* Background to the proposed Muckaty nuclear waste dump

* Let's Talk's Tiga Bayles interviews Mitch Torres about James Price Point proposed gas hub development
* Zebedee Parkes, Green Left: Kimberley win strengthens anti-gas campaign
* DesignBuild: Federal Government Pushes for Floating LNG
* Background to the Save The Kimberley Campaign - James Price Point, north of Broome, WA

* Other articles