How NAPLAN and data is being used to trash public education and teachers rights.

The World Socialist Website has published a very compelling article on how NAPLAN is being used undermine public education and attack teachers working conditions. It also outlines how the AEU is complicit in these attacks. I agree completely with the article's contention that parents and teachers should work together outside the AEU to start a real campaign against NAPLAN before public education completely goes the why of the U.S. system.

Read the article on the website here


Teachers union NAPLAN back down under ALP anti-worker attack

On Thursday 6th May the AEU the public school teacher union backed down on a NAPLAN boycott in the face of an anti-worker attack from the Federal ALP led by Julia Guillard. The AEU responding to grassroots teacher anger had called a boycott of the NAPLAN to prevent the publication of “League Tables” of schools based on the new Federal “MySchools” Website. Teachers across the country had been threatened with disciplinary action and individual fines of up to $6600 as Guillard gleefully used anti-worker laws to bully teachers into submission.