Survey on the deterrent effects of drug law enforcement being run by UNSW

The Australian government expends an estimated $1.7 billion on responding to illicit drugs every year, with policing comprising 64% of this expenditure. One core assumption underpinning this investment is that police can deter, discourage or prevent drug offending. It is argued that drug laws and enforcement of those laws will reduce involvement in drug use and trafficking. But, there remains very limited research into the extent or nature of deterrent effects. One cause of this gap is methodological.


Music for social change starts movement in Sydney


Out May 1... Bleeding Earth The raw power that is the sound of indie-industrial conscious hip hop duo Bati Graves.

Bati Graves, a rising voice for social change, joins Sea Shepherd, The Greens NSW and Foreigndub (Fbi) for the premiere of Bleeding Earth at artist-run space 107 Projects, Redfern on May 1.


Nimbin A Special Place [ audio ]

Featuring local voices in song and spoken word from Nimbin Australia

Gemma with street interview about Bentley anti fracking protests and songs, local band Manifest with "Street Scene", local Aboriginal artist Kaliba with "Trial By Fire", local artist Iman Dan with "Heart, Head and Hands" - intro/extro sound "Space Between The Stars" by Robyn Francis from Djanbung Gardens Permaculture School


Your Brain Will Fall Out part 2 mp3

potentially offensive

more satirical collage

Betty Bowers marriage advice, The Real Housewifes of the L.D.S, The Secret World Of Mormonism, 'WeHaveToLive' Norel Pref, Onion Radio News, Frank Zappa, Ricky Gervais, Bill Burr, Bill Bailey

29:20 min 128 kbps stereo 28 MB

Your Brain Will Fall Out part 1 mp3

explicit language !

Politics and Religion collage

And I'm a Mormon Ad , Comedy central cartoon slams MORmONS CAPT GIRL, Can we talk about politics and religion now, Mormon LDS Comedy If you wanna be an Elder, Cult collage,Hi my name is Elizabeth and I am a Mormon, Hello can I come in, Mormons are crazy, I'm a Mormon and I know it, Mormons Missionary Rap, Andy Kline, Tim Minchin, Nib Oswald, Jim Jeffries, Frank Zappa