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No to the pro-imperialist mobilization around Kurdistan!


    For weeks, the fate of Syrian Kurds has become one of the most important justifications for the imperialist intervention under way in the region; international media have focused attention around Syrian Kurdistan (Kurdistana Rojava, Western Kurdistan, in Kurdish) and the city of Kobané attacked by forces of a group called the"Islamic State" (better known by the acronyms in English or Arabic: ISIL, ISIS or Daech).

Concerned about WW3? The time is NOW!

Australia couldn't have chosen a worse time to be president of the UN Security Council in its temporary role there. Its main ally, the USA, is avidly seeking another war, this time with SYRIA. Australia's prime minister until the September election, Kevin Rudd, is brazenly advocating an attack on Syria and last year, the foreign minister, Bob Carr, exhorted the assassination of Syria's president Bashar al-Assad ( http://www.indymedia.org.au/2012/10/13/bob-carr-the-intended-assassinati... ).

Do we need a Middle Eastern study and support group?

With many Middle Eastern countries escalating into social crises, the recent uprisings and the continued conflict spanning throughout the post-World War 2 era; there is much speculation and concern from humanity, regarding the on-going's and history of this region. It may also be the case that the world is approaching a dramatic transition of the international order unprecedented in industrial times.

End the US-led armed intervention in Libya

Akbayan (Citizens Action Party) supports the democratic opposition in Libya that seeks to end the 43-year-old dictatorship of Muammar Ghadafie. It cannot, however, support the massive armed intervention launched by the United States, France, and Britain on Sunday, March 20.

Support Middle Eastern democracy struggles! No Intervention!

No to imperialist intervention in the Libya! Saudi, UAE troops out of Bahrain!
Support Middle Eastern democracy struggles! End imperialist wars in Iraq, Afghanistan!

On March 17, 2011, the UN Security Council passed a resolution authorising military intervention by the Western imperialist powers or their puppets in Libya. The justification for this is to prevent further loss of life in fighting between forces remaining loyal Muammar Gaddafi and forces supporting the uprising that began on February 15 against his 42-year-old rule, and to support the pro-democracy forces.

Lebanon: Short film on the siege of Nahr al-Bared Refugee Camp

The anarchist media collective a-films has just published a new short film ("Two Years Under Siege"/10min) from the destroyed Nahr al-Bared Refugee Camp in northern Lebanon.

Two years after the outbreak of the war in Nahr al-Bared, the camp's fate remains unclear. The reconstruction of the official camp might start soon, but the army keeps its tight grip on the camp. Several checkpoints, barbed wire and military posts cut Nahr al-Bared off from its surroundings.