Melbourne couple opens fair trade cafe with asylum seeker staff

Melbourne couple opens fair trade cafe with asylum seeker staff

From the Art is chuffed to announce the opening of a social enterprise cafe and retail shop in just a few short months’ time. In the meantime, owners Crystal Fickers and Trishay Trada are running a crowdfunding campaign to fund the start-up.

Located in Ashwood, in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, From the Art will serve up specialty organic tea and coffee from a sustainable fair trade source. Every cup of coffee will support STREAT, a local organisation working to end youth homelessness.


KRONOS: Global Paymaster, Global Payroll. The John Adam St Gang.

Kronos – Global Paymaster, Global Payroll
Kronos: global paymaster and global payroll. Time management and attendance. (Kronos: Greek god of time in its negative aspect).

Welcome to Kronos Worldwide :

United States
United Kingdom
Other Europe
Middle East/Africa
Middle East

Kronos – Time and Attendance, Time Tracking


Melbourne Zoo and DSE fail to shut down rival with superior wildlife shows

Hands-on reptile parties are back on the agenda in Melbourne after a small business shut down by the government regains it's licence.
After an interesting week, Australia’s best reptile parties, run by corruption whistleblower Raymond Hoser are back in business.


Media disinformation: Understand South China Sea standoff through the Filipino media

China is now Australia’s largest trading partner. Western Australia’s Premier is right to point out that: “… of the 60,000 new jobs created in Australia over the past 12 months, 50,000 were in WA, which now accounted for 70 per cent of the nation's exports to China … To some extent, the strength of the WA economy is concealing the true weakness of the national economy.” Therefore, it is in Australia national interest that our policy makers are able to understand China in an objective manner. I hope that the following article will contribute to such an objective.

My hat goes off to those organising DIY events around Melbourne

Recently I read an article on Indymedia that was a review on a DIY bridge gig held in North Melbourne. I have decided to write this follow-up article looking at a few of the DIY gigs that have been happening around Melbourne at the moment. Especially in the punk scene lot of the DIY of movement has been growing somewhat stale compared to what it has been in previous days.


Cop It Sweet - Occupy Melbourne

Over 1000 people marched from the State Library of Victoria to Treasury Gardens on 29th October 2011 as part of the ongoing Occupy Melbourne protests.

Our boys and girls in blue were on the streets again today, dodging criticism for the use of brutal strong arm tactics against the public when evicting the Occupy Melbourne protest from City Square on the 21st of October.


Occupy Melbourne eviction - A first hand account

As a freelance journalist, it is my job to cover protest and put myself into situations where others may feel unsafe. It is my job to cover events as they unfold and report on them. Here is a detailed first hand account of my experiences of Occupy Melbourne's eviction. 

Here I am not stating support for or against Occupy Melbourne. This is simply a detailed statement of what I witnessed.

Gallery of the Eviction


Eviction and new beginnings

Footage from the violent eviction of Occupy Melbourne in City Square by police, and the demonstration itself, leading up to the general assembly 10 hours after the initial eviction, with words from speakers about the police brutality and where the movement should go from here.


Sydney Opera House banner drop protests Harvey Norman forest destruction

Five environmental activists were arrested yesterday for climbing the Opera House and draping a banner on one of the sails protesting Retailer Harvey Norman's participation in Australian native forest destruction. The banner read "No Harvey No! Stop selling Aussie forest destruction!" and was part of a global 24 hours of action targeting the Harvey Norman business with more than 30 actions taking place in Australia and several overseas.

Links: No Harvey No | The Last Stand | Markets for Change | The Last Stand Flickr Photostream | Indymedia Harvey Norman stories


Media covers up metropolitan Melbourne’s biggest rain event on record

By 9AM on Saturday February 5th, areas of Melbourne Metropolitan area had received their highest rainfall total on record. Although the rain event has been extensively reported, the historically significant level of these rains has been almost completely unremarked upon in the mainstream press. For example Berwick in Melbourne’s South East received, 168mm and Officer receiving an incredible 195mm

The only comparable events in the last hundred years were in December 1934, February 1973 and Feb 2005. An examination of table from the Bureau of Meteorology shows that the rainfall total for Officer was the highest on record for any Melbourne suburb since records began. This oversight fits the pattern of the mainstream media attempting to normalise extreme climate events to prevent the public from clamouring for action on climate change.