Malaysia Solution

Asylum seeker policy: What will be the result?

Let us face it, it is not illegal to seek asylum in another country. On 31st of August, the High Court of Australia ruled the “Malaysia Solution” as simply invalid and unlawful; which demonstrated public expression of relief when this outcome was announced. However, it led to a game by which the government had to find a different direction to run from this issue.

Discovering the truth - Gerry Georgatos.

The ability to discover the truth is outstripped by the ability to manifest deceit. Generally, I try to rely on the context of statistics and facts to hang on to the truth.

In Malaysia, 29,759 foreigners were caned between 2005 to end of 2010. This refutes Minister Bowen's claims that human rights, as we know them, will be protected.

Oppose the Malaysian 'solution' - End mandatory detention. Rally and march - 13 May 2011

A few days after the Malaysian Bar Association issued a statement opposing the recently-announced refugee swap between the Malaysian and Australian governments (“Asylum seekers and refugees are not commodities to be traded” – full text given below), the Refugee Action Collective in Melbourne called a protest at the GPO in Bourke Street, followed by a march down to the steps of Flinders Street Station.