WGAR News: Woodside pulls out of Kimberley gas hub: The Wilderness Society

Newsletter date: 13 April 2013


* Woodside - ASX Announcement: Woodside to Review Alternative Browse Development Concepts
* The Wilderness Society: Woodside pulls out of Kimberley gas hub
* The Stringer: Woodside dumps gas hub
* The Wire Audio: Woodside dumps James Price Point gas hub
* Greens Senators Rachel Siewert and Scott Ludlam: Thank you! James Price Point
* Greens Senator Rachel Siewert: Greens welcome decision to abandon James Price Point
* Robin Chapple, WA Greens MLC: Kimberley still at risk as Woodside halts JPP
* Hands off Country: Do I dare believe?


Goolarabooloo law bosses lift the ante in battle with Woodside over gas hub

Gerry Georgatos - Story
Damien Kelly - Photo - Goolarabooloo Law Bosses, Phillip Roe and Richard Hunter with Eric Hunter in traditional pelican head dress - the pelican is the head dress of their particular Goolarabooloo group and symbolic of Walmandan (James Price Point) country.