Linda Seaborn

WGAR News: Aboriginal Cultural Heritage under attack: The Wire

Newsletter date: 4 December 2013


* The Wire: Aboriginal Cultural Heritage under attack [Featuring Steven Talbott, spokesperson for the Gomeroi Elders of Gunnedah]
* Tracker: Community members protest NSW C&H laws

* Stop Pilliga Coal Seam Gas

* Audioboo: Audio: Long awaited Aboriginal Heritage Bill disappoints [Featuring Legal officer for the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre, Michael Mansell]
* Linda Seaborn, Green Left: Tasmanian Aboriginal community vow to fight heritage protection bill

WGAR News: Why I turned down an Australia Day award: Michael Mansell, The Guardian

Newsletter date: 6 November 2013


* Michael Mansell, The Guardian: Why I turned down an Australia Day award
* SBS Living Black Radio's Michelle Lovegrove interviews Michael Mansell: No to Australia Day Award Nomination
* Linda Seaborn, Green Left: Mansell refuses Australia Day award nomination
* Amy Corderoy, Sydney Morning Herald: Aboriginal activist refuses Australia Day award

* The Stringer: South Sea Islander blackbirding descendants live in disadvantage

* Background to the Aboriginal sovereignty movement and the Aboriginal tent embassies