Commemorating the indigenous resistance to invasion - Tunnerminnerwait and Mauboyheenner

Under blue skies and the towers of RMIT people gathered to remember two Tasmanian aborigines who were executed on this site in Melbourne on January 20, 1842. There is a growing campaign to acknowledge this forgotten history and to give recognition to Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner as freedom fighters resisting the invasion and European settlement of Australia.

Photoset: Commemoration of Freedom Fighters Youtube videos: Robbie Thorpe - Welcome to country; Joseph Toscano; Sharon Firebrace; Herman Wainggai; Adam Bandt


Koorie school community rallies against discriminatory development

Builders are moving in to destroy the gymnasium of Ballerrt Mooroop College, the only aboriginal school in Melbourne. The school is located in Hilton Street Glenroy and the school is being moved into two demountable clasrooms and the gymnasium slated for demolition on December 17 to create 170 car parking spaces for an $18 million development of Glenroy Special School.
Campaign details at Treaty Republic Website
15th Dec Bourke St Mall Solidarity Rally
Picket on December 17th to stop demolition