Jonathan Swan

WGAR News: Gutting the Racial Discrimination Act: Ray Jackson, President, ISJA: Sovereign Union

Newsletter date: 28 March 2014


* Ray Jackson, President of the Indigenous Social Justice Association: Sovereign Union: Gutting the Racial Discrimination Act
* Dr Chelsea Bond, ABC Indigenous: Andrew Bolt isn't a racist, but ...
* Congress: Proposed changes to the RDA threaten racial cohesion
* National Congress (congress mob) on Twitter: Submissions on changes to #RDA can be sent to
* Tara Callinan, NITV News: Data shows Aussies believe it should be unlawful to make racial insults: Researcher


WGAR News: Interview - John Pilger exposes Australia's shocking secret in Utopia: Australian Times

Newsletter date: 24 November 2013


* Paddy Gibson, Socialist Worker: Utopia: The brutal theft of a continent goes on in Australia
* Australian Times: Interview - John Pilger exposes Australia's shocking secret in Utopia
* Niall Mulholland, from The Socialist: An interview with the maker of Utopia, John Pilger
* The Stringer: John Pilger - 'Utopia' - launches in Australia in January
* : "Utopia will be launched in Australia in January"
* : Utopia reviews
* Background to the Northern Territory (NT) Intervention