Fukushima Disaster - One Year Later

Government lies, Tokyo radioactive, 3 out-of-control reactors. News from nuclear expert Arnold Gundersen to Vancouver conference March 11th, plus reports of citizen activism in Japan, as parents measure radiation in their air, food, and children.

Reports from Aya Marumori & Wataru Iwata of CRMS from Fukushima.

Bottom line: when disaster strikes (whether nuclear, hurricanes, floods, etc) - big government hides the truth, and will not help. We have to organize and act as local communities to survive.

Japanese whaling fleet abandons further hunting this season

Sea Shepherd are reporting that the Japanese whaling fleet is heading home, with the season coming to an end with weather starting to worsen. Sea Shepherd have again been effective in reducing the lethal efficiency of the illegal Japanese commercial whaling operation that uses a scientific loophole in the International Whaling Commission that allows them to slaughter whales for 'research' and sell the meat as part of their commercial operation.

Conflict at night as Japanese whaling vessels harass lone Sea Shepherd ship

Conflict at night on the high seas of the southern ocean whale sanctuary as two Japanese harpoon ships harass Sea Shepherd activists on board the Bob Barker in an attempt to throw them off the tail of the Nisshin Maru whaling factory ship. The weapons in this mini conflict were Tow lines, lasers, spotlights and rockets (flares). The harassment occurred as night was rapidly falling with snow flurries in the air, and within hours of the Bob Barker sighting the Nisshin Maru.

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Campaign launch: Stop Ta Ann from destroying Tasmania's forests

TAKING THE ACTION ONLINE - http://taann.com.au/take-action-now/

A new campaign targeting Ta Ann Tasmania and their ongoing use of Tasmanian high conservation value (HCV) forests launches today. Taan.com.au is a partnership between Markets for Change, Huon Valley Environment Centre and The Last Stand.


Australia-Japan diplomatic crisis brewing over activists held on board whaling ship

In a press conference Sunday afternoon Federal Attorney General Nicola Roxon said that Government officials are in talks with Japanese authorities over the fate of the 3 Australians now held captive on the Japanese whaling security vessel Shonan Maru No2. She said the Government's primary concern was the safety of the three men.

On Sunday morning Forest Rescue activists boarded the Japanese whaling ship in solidarity with Sea Shepherd.

Forest Rescue activists board Japanese whaling ship in solidarity with Sea Shepherd

In the early hours of Sunday, January 8, three forest rescue activists boarded the Japanese whaling fleet security vessel Shonan Maru No 2 off Bunbury, Western Australia as an act of solidarity with Sea Shepherd in their campaign to stop Japanese commercial whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. While in the Antarctic Sea Shepherd activists from the Bob Barker continue to pursue and harass the main whaling fleet.

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Japanese whaling uneconomic but a matter of honor and pride

Media reports from Japan this week highlight that the Japanese Fisheries Agency is likely to send the whaling fleet to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary near Antarctica later this year. A US$27 million boost to security for the whaling fleet is likely, despite the country still reeling from it's triple disaster of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown. The injection of more Government money into the program is likely to be controversial locally when many people are still homeless as a result of the disasters and when many rebuilding programs still require funding.

Palm Sunday silent vigil for peace - 17 April 2011

Peace activists held a silent vigil on the lawns of the State Library in Melbourne on Palm Sunday before making their way to a Peace Forum at the Wesley Uniting Church in Lonsdale Street (details http://indymedia.org.au/melbourne-palm-sunday-peace-forum).


Melbourne vigil for the people of Japan

A candlelight vigil in Melbourne on the steps of the GPO heard from people with close relatives caught up in the tragedy of the devastating earthquake, tsunamis and escalating nuclear crisis in Japan.

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Origami peace cranes cascaded down the old GPO steps into the Bourke Street Mall where many office workers stopped briefly to watch on their journey home.


Japan nuke crisis sparks rethink of nukes globally

“Fukushima is everywhere – We will get in the way,” says the yellow part, “Switch off all atomic installations worldwide,” says the red and white part. From a demo in Gorleben, a German nuclear waste dump.

The unfolding disaster of earthquakes, tsunami and nuclear meltdown in Japan has stirred up debate about the future of the nuclear industry while the Japanese government and pro nuclear advocates continue to minimise the situation. The nuclear situation is further intensifying the country's woes as thousands of bodies of tsunami and earthquake victims are being recovered.

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