Who Supports Israel's Draconian Demolition Policy


The government of Israel has decided to restart a policy they haven't used for ten years.

The policy is bizarre and immoral but the Pro Israel lobby in Australia is silent. Why?

They send bulldozers in to demolish the homes owned by family members of terrorists.

An Embassy to welcome an extraterrestrial civilization: the Raelians will file a formal application to the Canadian Government!

Ottawa, June 2nd 2014 -

On Wednesday, June 4, 2014, representatives of the International Raelian Movement in Canada will officially hand over the project file for the construction of the Embassy of Elohim to the Canadian Government. After seven refusals for the State of Israel to answer the request of the Raelian Movement, RAEL decided in 2000 to offer the opportunity to host this historic project to all countries of the world!


Why is Bipartisan Unity Such a Threat to Israel?

As the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks begin to reach their ill-fated end, two of the largest and heavily criticised parties in the Palestinian liberation movement have reunited. A new alliance has been forged between old friends, Hamas and Fatah, after seven years of division. The new unity is causing problems for Israel and American Secretary of State John Kerry.

Concerned about WW3? The time is NOW!

Australia couldn't have chosen a worse time to be president of the UN Security Council in its temporary role there. Its main ally, the USA, is avidly seeking another war, this time with SYRIA. Australia's prime minister until the September election, Kevin Rudd, is brazenly advocating an attack on Syria and last year, the foreign minister, Bob Carr, exhorted the assassination of Syria's president Bashar al-Assad ( ).

Ausfailia: Aus-fail-ia ...abstained on UN vote for Palestine

By Douglas Chalmers...

Nothing can excuse Australia, a white supremacist settler society fantasy-land just like the fake state of Israel, which did NOT have the decency to vote FOR the rights of PALESTINIANS, uhh... that is the way of a fading Anglo colony living in the past and hanging onto the USA's coat-tails....

Police threaten to seek ban on pro-Palestine march

Press release – for immediate release The NSW Police have contacted the organisers of the Al-Nakba commemoration march in Sydney threatening to seek a Supreme Court injunction unless the march is cancelled. The protesters have decided to assert their right to public protest, saying that they will contest any attempt to prohibit the march.


Video: Police attack Palestinian solidarity protest in Melbourne

The Victoria police have viciously attacked a peaceful pro-Palestine demonstration in Melbourne's CBD on Friday July 1st. In the largest political arrest in a decade, nineteen protesters were arrested during the action against Israeli-owned Max Brenner store.

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The Greek government today issued a formal prohibition against any ships sailing to Gaza. Greece has joined ranks with the Israeli blockade of Gaza and has now allowed the blockade to move onto Greek land. Maritime forces are now instructed to take whatever precautions necessary to stop the boats from leaving port.

Israel sabotages 2 ships of the freedom flotilla ii in greek and turkish ports

It has now been confirmed that two ships that were to take part in the Freedom Flotilla II to Gaza have been sabotaged. One boat, a joint Greek-Swedish passenger boat, harboured in a Greek port was found with a damaged axel on Tuesday afternoon, and now another boat, an Irish passenger boat, in a Turkish harbour has been found to have exactly the same damage.