What we're being told about ISIS just doesn't add up

A few debate-changing points of information about ISIS:

1. The trapped Yesidis were rescued not by US airstrikes but mainly by a ground offensive by kurdish groups -- anarchist-oriented YPG and nationalist-opportunist PKK who both represent a broad multiethnic regional population and have relatively progressive goals.

Iraq war general Peter Cosgrove confronted by Catholic worker activists at Brisbane event

Tuesday April 30 7pm at Jindalee Catholic Church, Brisbane.

Catholic anti-war and social justice activists and members of the Catholic Worker from Brisbane and New Zealand gathered to show opposition to the elevation of unapologetic Iraq war General, Peter Cosgrove at a function in Brisbane on Tuesday night. Cosgrove was elevated to the position of Chancellor of Australian Catholic University in 2010 and was awarded a papal knighthood by Cardinal George Pell earlier this year.


10 years since start of war on Iraq: what have we achieved?

With the ten year anniversary since Australian forces joined an international 'coalition of the willing' to invade Iraq coming next Monday March 18th, we are pleased to let you know about many events happening around Australia to mark the occasion.


IRAQ – landmines, bombs, depleted uranium – devastation – children amputees. How you can help.

Gerry Georgatos Riyadh Al-Hakimi was brought to tears watching a small Iraqi child drag himself along the street. The stump of his right leg left a trail in the dust as he dragged his body inch by inch. It was 2003 and Riyadh would soon be on his way to Australia and to a university education; however he vowed to do something for the children of his war-torn homeland. Related: SBS Podcast: Wheelchairs for Iraqi children -- The West Australian newspaper - Helping Iraqi children who are victims of depleted uranium, landmines and war


Tony Blair on trial in Sydney

Julia Gillard might've been chuffed after Tony Blair gave her carbon tax campaign the thumbs up, but not everyone is happy to see the former British prime minister in Australia.

Mr Blair has been on a speaking tour of the country, in part to promote his new book of memoirs.

But the Stop the War Coalition accuses Mr Blair of committing war crimes in Iraq and say by selling his book he's profiting from proceeds of crime.

To voice their concerns, the group staged a mock trial down at Sydney's Darling Harbour.


Support Middle Eastern democracy struggles! No Intervention!

No to imperialist intervention in the Libya! Saudi, UAE troops out of Bahrain!
Support Middle Eastern democracy struggles! End imperialist wars in Iraq, Afghanistan!

On March 17, 2011, the UN Security Council passed a resolution authorising military intervention by the Western imperialist powers or their puppets in Libya. The justification for this is to prevent further loss of life in fighting between forces remaining loyal Muammar Gaddafi and forces supporting the uprising that began on February 15 against his 42-year-old rule, and to support the pro-democracy forces.

Protestors killed in Iraqi "democracy"

At least 15 protesters have been killed on Friday 25th February during a "Day of Rage" in Iraq. Iraqis across the country, joining their Arab brother and sisters, have organised themselves via social media to protest against corruption, lack of jobs and the lack of basic services in Iraq eight years after the invasion. Like in other Arab countries these protests have not been party political or sectarian. In fact many of the countries leading religious figures advised their followers to not join the protests.

Catholic Worker activists oppose Cosgrove appointment

Activists from the Catholic Worker Movement, converged at St Marys Cathedral in Sydney yesterday (28/11/10) to oppose the appointment of Iraq War general, Peter Cosgrove to the position of Chancellor of Australian Catholic University (ACU). A special ceremony for Cosgrove, led by Cardinal George Pell was to take place at the Cathedral at 3pm.


Letter from Parliament Square

Letter from Parliament Square by Paul O'Hanlon

This article is about the long term peace campaign of Brian Haw and Barbara Tucker; the so called ‘Democracy Village` which occupied Parliament Square gardens for several months until July 20th this year had no connection with Brian Haw’s long running campaign.