A reduction In freedoms (an American point of view)

9/11 was a day which shook our country (America) to its core. People who would use religion as an excuse for war attacked our great nation on the grounds of its greatest city and two other locations. In doing so we lost roughly 2988 American citizens, but their memory and the spirit of what that memory means will live with us forever. Years have passed but it is still something all Americans carry in their hearts as a tragedy and there will never be a shortage of tears for the victims of that day.


Andrew Wilkie blasts the Iraq and Afghanistan wars

In a hard hitting maiden speech as the independant MP for Denison in Tasmania, Andrew Wilkie has hit out at both the Iraq and Afghanistan War. He accused the architects of the Iraq war of not caring about those the war killed and labelled our involvement in Afghanistan as being based on a "great lie".:

In a blunt statement he stated on the Iraq War


Veterans group says President Obama not welcome down under

MEDIA RELEASE, 2 June, 2010 - Stand Fast, the Australian-based veterans group which is comprised of veterans and former military personnel who oppose the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, is calling on all people of conscience to protest the upcoming visit of Barack Obama in mid-June.

"Why should we welcome a war criminal?" asked Stand Fast spokesperson and East Timor veteran, Hamish Chitts. "Obama is not a force for progress, he is not a man of peace - from his first day in office he has firmly placed himself in the camp of the warmongers and war-profiteers."


BREAKING NEWS: Bonhoeffer activists in secret military base NOW!!!

updates from the activists as it happens:

News Release:

The Bonhoeffer Peace Collective

Activists breach secret military base

At 6am this morning, four Christian peace activists entered Swan Island, one ofAustralia’s most secret military installations near Queenscliff, Victoria, seeking to disrupt the war in Afghanistan.

“Both Swan Island and the war on Afghanistan are out of sight, out of mind. It’s time to end further suffering of the Afghan people and our soldiers by bringing our troops home,” the group said.


ALP awards U.S. general for illegal Iraq war

Just when you thought the ALP could not sell out anymore, we saw this week Defence Minister John Faukner gave General David Petraus, the general who oversaw the "surge" in Iraq and now head of U.S. Central Command an honoury Order of Australia medal for his work in Iraq. As the World Socialist Website points out, this move highlights the subservient relationship of the Australian governmnent to U.S. imperialism regardless of the party in power.


General David Petraeus' Favorite Mushroom--Inside the US Army's Human Terrain System

General Petraeus--CENTCOM Commander and Washington, DC power player--believes that success in 21st century warfare depends on dominating the Human Terrain. Yet the US Army's HTS program has been beset by internal troubles that remain unresolved.

From June 2008 to August 2009 John Stanton, an independent journalist, authored 19 articles based on 45 sources detailing the trials and tribulations of the US Army's Human Terrain System (HTS). Originally published electronically, these pieces are now available in book form from Wiseman Publishing in the Netherlands.