internet Censorship

Why Indymedia still matters: Facebook deletes political pages in the UK

In a lesson as to why non-corporate independant activist sites like Indymedia still matter in the Age of Facebook and Twitter, Facebook deleted 50 political pages in the UK on the day of the Royal Wedding. Facebooks lame cover for this blatant act of censorship on behalf of the UK state was that the pages had been set up as individual profiles not a group pages.

Revolution in Tunisia: People power topples Ben Ali regime

Tunisian President Zine El-Abedine Ben Ali has been overthrown by a people's power uprising that has built momentum over the last 4 weeks, culminating in a large rally and protest on January 14 that was attacked by riot police. Ben Ali attempted major concessions, but they were too little and too late. After 23 years in power, Ben Ali and family fled the country to Saudi Arabia, joining former Ugandan dictator Idi Amin who was also given refuge in this middle eastern state.

Australian govt wants ISP's to keep your web search records for 10 years

If planning to implement one of the most draconian web censorship regimes in the world was not enough, the Federal ALP now plans to force ISP companies to keep your web search records and even possibly your emails for 10 years and for these to made available to law enforcement agencies without any need for a warrant.


Save the Children, National Children's & Youth Law Centre and others speak out against Labors Internet censorship regime

We oppose the Federal Government’s plan to censor the internet through mandatory ISP-level internet filtering technology.

While we wholly support measures that effectively prevent the distribution of material refused classification under laws that properly respect free speech, this proposed filter does not meet that aim.

The proposed filter fails to meet the test of an effective child protection measure that respects the rights of children. Mandatory internet filtering curtails our human rights without offering any effective protection for children.