Argentina Responds to Supreme Court with Debt Swap Plan: Global Consequences of Court Ruling Remain Intact

In reaction to an adverse Supreme Court ruling against Argentina, President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner announced that Argentina would offer new bonds to its creditors governed under Argentine law. The proposed debt swap would involve the 92% of the country's creditors that agreed to restructure in the wake of the country's 2001 default. While the debt swap proposes an alternative for the South American country to avoid paying hold-outs, it fails to reverse the global implications on debt markets, debt restructuring and financial stability.

Our proposal for changing the system and not the climate

To reclaim our future, we must change the present.

The capitalist system has exploited and abused nature, pushing the planet to its limits, so much so that the system has accelerated dangerous and fundamental changes in the climate.

PHILIPPINES: The Emotional Calculus of Armed Conflict

HOW DO I TREAT THEE? Let me count the ways. Statistics from the AFP-PNP over a 33-year period (1978-2010) report an aggregate of 29,553 fatalities in the ongoing conflict between GPH and the CPP-NPA categorized thus: 13,412 Communists (45%), 8,264 military and police (28%) and 7,877 civilians (21%). This further translates into 80 deaths daily for the period: 36 Communists, 23 soldiers and police, and 21 civilians.

Forced Suicide By Torture Is Murder

See reports indicating that government agents, operatives and others globally are engaged in murder of innocent people on a grand scale and in a largely invisible manner (until now).

Syria: Hands Off Syria! Media Release


As Syrian people in Syria continue to suffer terrorists’ attacks, and live under challenging circumstances, Syrian-Australians will rally to demonstrate their support.

When: Sunday 5 August 2012
Time: 12 noon
Where: Sydney Town Hall

Syria was known for decades as a stable, multi-ethnic Arab country. In March 2011 that all changed, with a foreign backed insurgency shooting and bombing its way through an active but mostly peaceful political reform process.

Most Syrian-Australians are horrified by the attacks on their country.

Raelians declare May 1 “International Day of Paradism” Coming soon: A world without work or money!

SYDNEY, April 30 – “While millions around the world celebrate an international ‘Labour Day’ on
May 1, our members will celebrate and promote the impending end of labour instead,” said Australian resident Jarel Aymonier, leader of The Movement for Paradism and editor of in a statement released today.


Animal Rights Zone (ARZone) Reaches 2000 Members!

International grassroots abolitionist animal rights social network now has more than 2000 active members.

Animal Rights Zone (ARZone), the voluntary abolitionist animal rights social network, formed in December 2009, has also just topped 2000 active members who take part in weekly guest interviews and workshops, write forum and blog entries about the pressing issues of the day in the animal advocacy movement.

The Necessary Futility of Charity

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Charity work is essential to modern day society, in pretty much every part of the world. Helping people in miserable situations when they are struggling to help themselves is often a life saver, and charitable giving undeniably supports millions of people in the world.