Industrial Relations

Wharfies strike over conditions at Patrick Stevedores

Maritime Union of Australia members in Patrick Stevedoring facilities at Fremantle, Albany, Melbourne's Webb Dock, and Geelong have voted overwhelmingly to take protected action after a secret ballot conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission.

Wharfies in Fremantle took industrial action on the 27th December, with workers in Albany to follow on December 30. Webb Dock and Geelong have not yet provided notice when they are taking action.


Minimum wage rise less than inflation

Fair Work Australia this week lifted the minimum wage by $26 a week or 69c an hour. The minimum wage is now $15 an hour or $569.90 per week. Whilst the agreement was greeted by the ACTU as a very good outcome for working Australians, it actually represents a cut in real wages, the 4.8 percent increase is below the official Consumer Price Index, which has risen 5.4 percent over the past 21 months since the last rise.