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WGAR News: NITV journalist accuses police of intimidation after Indigenous march - video: The Guardian, Source: NITV

Newsletter date: 1 May 2015


* News Analysis: Amy McQuire, New Matilda: 'This Day Is Not For You': Police Stop Black Digger From Marching For Frontier Wars
* Video: NITV News - 29 April 2015: 'This day is not for you': Police Shut Down Frontier Wars Anzac Day March
* Video: Eleanor Gilbert, Vimeo: "This day is not for you." AFP prevent Fred Hooper from marching on Anzac Day, Canberra 25 April 2015.

WGAR News: First Nations Women Speak out for a Treaty - Rosalie Kunoth-Monks sets out a brighter vision: STICS

Newsletter date: 26 March 2015


* Please Watch: NITV, Channel 34: Friday, 27 March 2015 at 7.30pm: NITV will broadcast a one hour program titled 'Opinion Piece - Women Speak Out For Treaty'
* Video: NITV News: "First Nations Women Speak out for a Treaty" - Rosalie Kunoth-Monks at Redfern Forum
* Video: STICS: First Nations Women Speak out for a Treaty: Videos from the Event

WGAR News: Matargarup Aboriginal Refugee Camp: About 50 WA police officers have used mounted police and K-9 dogs to seize the tents and valuables

Newsletter date: 16 March 2015


* Petition: Petition: Stop displacing Indigenous Australians by the closure of Indigenous communities.

WGAR News: Tony Abbott wants to repeal Racial Discrimination laws: Pedestrian TV

Newsletter date: 17 November 2013


* Pedestrian TV: Tony Abbott wants to repeal Racial Discrimination laws
* The Wire: Andrew Bolt, racial discrimination and free speech [Featuring Dr Mark McMillan - Wiradjuri man]
* Suresh Rajan, The Stringer: Brandis, Bolt and a whole lot of other B's!
* Barry Everingham, Independent Australia: Abbott Government acts swiftly to legalise racism
* Jessica Wright, The Sydney Morning Herald: George Brandis to repeal 'Bolt laws' on racial discrimination

* Amy McQuire, Tracker: ABC defamed respected Aboriginal elder