In the Absence of Treaty - Sydney Book launch - concerned Australians - Tue 28 January 2014

WGAR News: petition for 'Treaty' & 'In the Absence of Treaty' book-launches by 'cA'

Newsletter date: 21 January 2014


* TREATY - petition for Treaty - please sign and share

* 'concerned Australians' Sydney Book launch - Tue 28 January 2014: 'In the Absence of Treaty' [Launched by Rosalie Kunoth-Monks & Jeff McMullen]
* 'concerned Australians' Canberra Book launch - Thu 6 February 2014: 'In the Absence of Treaty' [Speakers: Graeme Mundine & John Falzon]
* 'concerned Australians' Melbourne Book launch: 'In the Absence of Treaty' Unfortunately this event is already booked out
* Background to the Northern Territory (NT) Intervention