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Children in adult prisons STILL LANGUISH - Justice delayed is justice denied.

There are near one hundred of the world's most impoverished children incarcerated, whether on remand or sentenced, in Australian adult prisons. The brunt of these numbers are in Western Australian adult prisons. It has been confirmed to me by various authorities and by an Indonesian Vice-Consul that at least 16 of the age-disputes are in HAKEA Correctional facility, a maximum security prison which I have visited on a number of occasions over the years. There may be up to 40 age-disputes in Western Australian adult prisons.
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IMPACTS OF MANDATORY DETENTION - rise in deaths, illnesses, self harms, and the impacts continue post-release in greater numbers. MORE DEATHS TO COME.

Human Rights Alliance Press Release: August 19th 2011 The Australian Medical Assocation, following others, such as the UNHCR and the AHRC has supported our calls and our personal witness that Mandatory Detention has grievous traumatic and deleterious impacts and effects upon those whom come before it.


Asylum Seekers will die in greater numbers after release - this from Gerry Georgatos. An important insight.

Australia is in the tragic phenomena of Detention Centre Deaths in Custody. Five suicides in the last ten months. Over a thousand suicide attempts and thousands of self-harms among our Asylum Seekers. There have been two suicide attempts at Darwin Immigration Centre, last night and yesterday. There shall be more. One Hazara man suffered a heart attack following efforts to rescue him from his suicide attempt.

Iraqi children amputees, victims of war, landmines, bombings, depleted uranium. We need your help.

Riyadh describes, "The years of sanctions have deeply affected Iraqi society and people have learned to survive individually and have lost the sense of community and caring for others."

"As a result of the 1991 Gulf War the province of Al Muthanna is littered with thousands of unexploded landmines and missiles." "There are many heartbreaking of disabled children in Iraq."


The Human Rights Alliance is disappointed in The Greens and the Senate for watering down the call for a Senate inquiry into Australian deaths in custody

The Human Rights Alliance's Response to the Australian Senate and to the Greens:

Senate backs Motion Acknowledging Deaths in Custody: This is not Enough. We have called for a Joint Committee Senate Inquiry into Australian Deaths in Custody.

The Human Rights Alliance, and with apologies, has quickly crafted this Media Release to express our disappointment that our campaign for a call for a Joint Committee Senate Inquiry into Australian Deaths in Custody has been watered down to a Senate Motion acknowledging what we already know. This is attrition.