human rights abuses

Gillard government intimidating and suppressing persecuted Australian human rights abuse victims!

I never received any reply to my communications with Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s office. And the former Labor PM Kevin Rudd also ignored all my communications with his office on the suppressed documented and corroborated human rights abuses against my innocent son Jordan, a victim of severe school bullying and escalating home rights abuses. And this includes my open letter to Ms Gillard and parliament (below).


How Australia’s right to know is being systematically perverted and denied!

Is there a recent issue in Australian politics, which has been more reported to death, bored and offended us more than Kevin udd’s planned comeback as Prime Minister? How many times has the media reported Kevin Rudd’s renewed leadership ambitions and the fact he was convinced he was a better PM than Julia Gillard?


9/11 anniversary: The forgotten victims of terrorism

Brief: This article explores the issues of state’s sponsored terrorism and points out the reality that all weaponry in the 21st century are lethal including those that belt around the human body. Therefore, 21st century is a century for corporation not confrontation…….

Queensland Security Intelligence agents torture and arrest young judicial corruption victim

Because Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has banned TV news cameras from parliament, the public has no idea what happened to my son on 25 November 2010 when we were both ejected from parliament and my son Jordan Nash was assaulted by the SIB and then arrested for no reason.

WGAR News: Joint national call to action to reduce imprisonment of Indigenous people

Joint National Call to Action to reduce imprisonment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Newsletter date: 16 April 2011

* Call to Action to reduce imprisonment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
* Deaths in custody - 20 years since the Royal Commission
* Northern Territory (NT) Intervention
* Background to the Northern Territory (NT) Intervention


- Media Release

ANTaR - Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation:

Timor law lets war criminals off the hook

Amnesty International is urging East Timor to reconsider legal loopholes that allow Indonesian army officers who took part in serious war crimes to go unpunished.

A report released by Amnesty this week investigates the small countries’ latest Penal Code, which shows no change to their amnesties relating to suspects of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Only Independent politicians actually represent the best interests of their constituents

I totally disagree with Member for Gympie, David Gibson’s negative comments in yesterday’s Gympie Times on the defection of Aidan McLindon and Rob Messenger from the LNP, which is absolutely NOT pointless!

Rosemary Milkins former senior executive at HealthQuest, notorious N.S.W. government medical office, appointed Deputy Commissioner of N.S.W. Fire Brigades

The N.S.W. government has yet again shown its willingness to place Labor stalwarts in positions of power at times when government organizations have been accused of corrupt and unethical behaviour.

Rosemary Milkins was formerly on the board of HealthQuest, the corrupt and now extinct N.S.W. Government Medical office. There are many articles on the internet detailing the atrocities committed by HealthQuest, which was used to silence public service dissent in N.S.W. for years, modelling its use of psychiatry on Soviet methods. Some documents can be viewed at