ALP fails the poor again

A report released today by Anglicare Australia has found it is becoming almost impossible for people on welfare to afford to rent a home.

The welfare group surveyed more than 56,000 rental properties across the country and found less than 1 per cent of those properties were affordable for people on government benefits such as Newstart, parenting payments, the aged pension or disability support pensions.


WGAR News: Australia's horrific incarceration rates of Aboriginal peoples: The Stringer

Newsletter date: 26 February 2013


* The Stringer: International Prisoners Justice Day highlights Australia's horrific incarceration rates of Aboriginal peoples
* Background to Aboriginal imprisonment and Deaths in Custody

* Dr Alice Clark, The Stringer: Housing and homelessness issues for Aboriginal and Islander Peoples living in South Australia

* The Stringer: One of Australia's worst massacres - 150 Yaburara men, women and children slaughtered

* Paddy Gibson, Solidarity Online: "Captain's pick" Nova Peris will make NT Labor's problems worse

Slumlord Frank Cassar's Fitzroy business closed by picket

On Saturday March 5 a picket involving 30 protesters closed down Inner City Towing and Smash Repairs, a business owned by notorious slum lord Frank Cassar. The crowd heard speeches from those affected by Frank and his family’s thuggery and scams and joined in chants of “Put Cassar behind bars!” and “VCAT, VCAT why so slack, Make Frank pay our money back!”. The protest received coverage on various media outlets including ABC radio and a story was broadcast on Channel 7′s current affairs program Today Tonight (to view it visit the archive at au.todaytonight.yahoo.com)


Sleep out protest at Moreland Council doorstep - July 14th

Anthony Arthur and his dog Princess were left homeless and have been sleeping in Moreland parks since June 2nd after a council inspection led to the closure of their Brunswick rooming house. The operator of Tony’s rooming house chose to shut up shop rather than comply with council orders. “I went to Hume-Moreland housing but as soon as you tell them you have a dog, they say we can’t help you,” said the 46-year-old.